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Throughout this whole ordeal, I've balanced the axioms "trust the plan" and 'the end won't be for everyone" to assuage any personal discomfort I've had. I do believe and ascribe to WWG1WGA, but I'm responsible to a few people other than myself. I would have a hard time imagining a plan where retirees are left destitute when the cabal banking system is toppled. It's not quite as bad for the people who are currently working and pulling down an income, so long as their jobs aren't affected. But what about those who are retired or living on fixed-income? There has to be a shadow banking system in place that would replace the pyramid. I've always assumed that the phrase "the end won't be for everyone" to mean that some would die from the vaccines, or low-level collaborators would not enjoy the new system. I'd love to hear the thoughts of fellow pedes. I don't see the elderly starving as part of the plan, and not everyone can replace all of their invested wealth with precious minerals or commodities.