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I found this place in January, 2021. I will forever be grateful.

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Kayfabe. Also see: Pence, DeSantis, etc. Make your enemies think these people are on THEIR team.

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"Fake Jews own the Fake News." I love it.

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I remember when I ended my subscription 12 years ago. I told the woman on the phone "nobody is going to pay you to lie to them anymore".

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These tweets, along with the video released that day, fulfilled Trump's requirement to sign the Insurrection Act. This takes the narrative away from his enemies, permanently.

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I'm really wanting Greenland to become a US territory. Those people are sitting on a gold mine. They should be kangz.

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Missile lobbed at Poland. Bush and Obama going to give speeches about disinformation. Ammo spent. This was for THEM.

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