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Pandemic time line projection

A Global Outlook

September 13.2023: The Outbreak Unfolds https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/2c02f4b75a0ecfadbf6c8adc90687462fa64d24574b1992066ca28fd1c6e7cb0.jpeg A new pandemic, "Pandemic-2," starts with mutated variants (Covid-Pirola) of an existing virus emerging simultaneously in Western Europe, Asia, and North America.

Initial cases are misinterpreted as common seasonal illnesses due to their similarity, causing? critical delay in public health response.

Italy becomes the epicenter of the outbreaks in Europe, reporting over 20,000 cases by the end of the month, overwhelming local hospitals.

Spain detects the first cases of the mutated virus in its major cities, leading to concerns about its heightened transmissibility.

The virus's rapid spread sparks panic buying, shortages of medical supplies, and confusion among governments about how to handle the situation.

Reports of unusual symptoms, including respiratory distress and neurological complications, raise alarm among medical professionals.

January 22. 2024: Escalation and Global Concerns

Hospitalizations surge globally, overwhelming medical facilities and exhausting healthcare workers.

Mutated virus variants exhibit a mortality rate of 2-4%, reaching a harrowing 6-7.3% in the UK and USA. (Note: mortality actually caused by weakened immune system from C-19 vaccines)

Concerns heighten over the virus's exponential spread and its ability to evade existing immunity.

Italy's healthcare system teeters on the edge of collapse as hospitals struggle to accommodate the influx of critical patients.

Spain experiences an exponential rise in cases, prompting the government to implement partial lockdowns in major cities.

Ireland and the UK face a dire situation with their hospitals struggling to cope, leading to an urgent call for international assistance (UN, CDC, WHO).