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He responded to folks on Truth Social about this. It's a circular Harvard pin that looks like a Q because of the button hole underneath.

Plausible deniability is important.

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Such incredible brilliance on display. At every turn.

It's awe-inspiring.

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Kash didn't accidentally mention this twice now.

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We are beyond the need for proofs now, because the PLAN has moved on past the intel drop stage.

Q is posting again, but with different goals in mind. Before it was about guiding anons down various rabbit holes to expose hidden truths. Now it's about shaking up the normies and sending the deep state into a panic.

So my point is - the time for analyzing and decoding is over. Q won't be sending anymore such messages. BOOMS are happening in the real world on a daily basis.

The next phase has begun. Justice is coming.

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This issue is a waste of time.

We are beyond the need for proofs. The Q psyop accomplished its major goals, and those who are paying attention know that the BOOMS have already started.

The new Q posts are not directed at us. They are for the DS, and normies who are only now waking up.

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Right?? This is a blatant shill wave. Why this crap is stickied is beyond me.

Just look at all the doubting comments. I only recognize a few of the account names.


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A few hundred square feet can go a lot farther than most people think.

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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

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You misunderstand - I no longer doubt DeStantis.

I think he is a white-hat, and his role right now is to do what he has been doing.

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I think DeSantis is playing a role just like Kash, Pompeo, Trump, or anyone else involved in the PLAN.

I once doubted him - along with Gen Flynn - because I thought Lin Wood was a white-hat. Took several months of seeing red flags for me to realize Wood is the worst type of charlatan snake.

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That is sometimes worth pointing out. Right now though, it just sounds like you're trying to cast doubt on OP's premise.

The whole point of the Q operation was to send anons down rabbit holes. Khazarian mafia is one of the bigger rabbit holes.

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Statements like this are not always directed at us.

When the DS hears this, they panic.

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So sad to see a wonderful soul like Dr Z suffer in this way.

Lord, let him live long enough to see his legacy begin to flourish.

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There is much the impatient whiners do not understand.

For one thing - anyone with knowledge of a CoG operation faces severe punishment for leaking classified info. Kash would probably be charged with treason if he admitted certain things.

Doomers gonna doom and shills gonna shill, I get it. But the comments in this post make me worry for GAW.

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Look at his body language when he says there is no way to get Trump back before 2024. He looks uncomfortable - as if he is telling a lie when he wishes he could tell the truth.

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