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Piton later apologized.

Seems Jovan is the reason behind a lot of pointless infighting. He may have good intentions, but he is incapable of working alongside others without acting juvenile. Or maybe he's straight up black-hat.

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Crenshaw fooled me for a time. Maybe De Santis is too?

Lin Wood raises good points. Why don't people like MTG and De Santis use their platforms to demand investigations into the 2020 steal? Shouldn't we be asking these questions, regardless of what anyone thinks of Lin?

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If you're not a shill, then I think you have more to learn than anyone here could possibly teach you.

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Very strange! Unfortunately you appear to be an outlier. There are many thousands of success stories like mine.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, fren.

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I think it was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jya2eBCDcW0

They played it just as Trump was about to come out and speak. Has to mean something, right?

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Lately Trump has been wrapping up to this song:


Last night they also added the Undertaker's theme (from WWE wrestling).

I'd say there is symbolism in both.

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Thanks, fren!

Yesterday I learned several of my vaxxed & boosted family members are sick. When I told them this success story they brushed it off and said their prescribed antivirals should take care of it.

I can accept that the adults deserve to face the consequences of their choices, but two of the kids are sick. Their mom's dismissiveness of HCQ made me want to scream at her.

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You seem really concerned with pushing this lame excuse.

Are you aware of the pattern of high-profile people seen wearing medical boots?

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Yes - a warm welcome to all who are starting the journey toward truth!

Ask any sincere question - no matter how obvious the answer might be to some - and you will get answers. Even the most hardened anon can remember when they first lit a candle and probed into the inky darkness.

If some come across as condescending or overly-suspicious, please forgive. We deal with an awful lot of shills here.

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That makes no sense, handshake.

Why would a decoy motorcade look obviously different from the real thing?

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It does not surround the WH. I watched all her videos as well as those of Richard Citizen Journalist.

The wall is in a circle around the fountain, and makes a path off to the side of the WH. If you still don't see it, check JuliansRum on TG. He posted a pic with the wall highlighted.

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I watched them, just to be sure. Nothing has changed about the wall since yesterday. It still surrounds only the fountain.

Are you under the impression that the black fence around the WH is new?

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Misinformation. The wall is not around the WH.

It is around a fountain on the north lawn.

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And the Project Veritas docs from the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity prove that the DoD (and Trump) knew in April 2020 that spike protein 'vaccines' were dangerous and ineffective.

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