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This and he's a man of 'I want it now!' which Q is not, thus his skepticism.

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Even if the plan failed, was bullshit from the start, or this was all just a psyop, the Q movement did accomplish some things.

It taught thousands to always question the narrative.

It woke thousands.

It made thousands much more aware of what's going on.

Thousands are now paying attention to politics and are politically involved.

I've stated on here that them being sworn in was the line for me, and I stand by that.

I will now shift my focus to resistance efforts such as not complying with mask mandates, vaccine requirements (covid only obviously), bullshit gun control, backing MAGA style candidates and those who fight for a trump like agenda, and obviously supporting Trump in any of his future endeavors.

Bryson Gray said it best during a live stream the night of the 6th or the night after.

He said, 'stop with this plan nonsense. There is no plan. WE ARE THE PLAN!'

He is right. We are the plan. Always has been.

MAGA is not just about Trump. It's so much bigger than him, and it's never going away. If anything this has only served to strengthen that movement and make people more determined to keep fighting for freedom.

I have some Q stuff, like a Q sticker on the back of my phone, and a Q pvc patch that says 'question the narrative' 'the great awakening' that I plan to continually wear with pride, because I believe in questioning the narrative. I believe in not trusting or supporting the MSM and the other teachings from Q.

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Unless NCSWIC was referring to the complete sell out to the CCP that they'll do while simultaneously erasing our history and rights. Because that is indeed unstoppable now.

They cheated and won 2 elections back to back with nothing happening despite being caught and an enormous amount of evidence.

There's literally no point to vote anymore because they'll just cheat in every election going forward now, because they did it twice and got away with it.

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Same. AFAIK nothing in Q drops says anything about him being sworn in, or even him for that matter.

Today is now or never day, and we're running out of time.

If Trump doesn't make a play here, there's no coming back from this. Dems already plan to secure that no one but their party will win any future elections going forward, and they have massive plans to errode the constitution and our rights. Some of this has already began, as you can see by the ludicrous gun control bills already pre filed in the house.

So we are literally at the now or never stage.

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I agree. We're in the now or never stage now. If they get sworn in, it's game over in my book.

I'm holding out hope until that point, but if that happens then I'm moving on from this and begin focus on resistance efforts, like not complying with mask mandates, gun restrictions, or vaccine mandates.

I don't believe in the 'biden must be sworn in, and it'll happen after that' stuff. That's just blatant goalpost moving in my book to continually try to justify this.

We're literally in end game right now. It's literally now or never.

If there is a plan, it needs to happen.

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1776% is the only acceptable answer here.

Realistically though, no clue. I can't put a number on it. Just waiting to see what happens at this point.

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For me it says removed by uploader, but yeah it's gone. I missed the first 20 mins and went back to watch it. Taken down as I was watching it.

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You can't impeach a private citizen.

They'll go through with it anyhow to prevent a 2024 run, but yeah. Once he's out of office he's a private citizen again and can't be impeached

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Yeah that happening on the 20th is where I draw the line to walk away from this.

Not surprising that now we're seeing posts, he'll get sworn in, but don't worry it's part of the plan. This is literally goalpost moving now. These same people will be saying a year from now to trust the plan.

We're in the now or never stage right now. They seal the deal on the 20th, then it's game over really.

At least in my opinion.

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The only way I can think to see if this is true is to see if AF1 flew to MI, but 'meet with' could mean digital as well.

facepalm I read MI as Michigan, not Military Intelligence.

I'm skeptical though.

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I don't know. I saw a tweet earlier where it showed that whatever Trump is planning is going down on the 20th, but I can't find those posts on there.

There's also this he shared on that account:

For those who can't figure out how to view the post in question here you go:

I think the wording in it is fake, as multiple news agencies are reporting that Pence is actively pushing against the 25th, which goes against what it's saying.

See Pence not pushing for the 25th:

See tweet w/ 'supposed' Lin Wood Comments:

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No, I'm not referring to him saying Biden/Biden Administration.

For me it's more than that.

Press releases talking about the Biden Admin, Pompeo Tweets showcasing Trump Admin accomplishment, Pompeo Tweets talking about meeting with Biden Sec Of State pick

That's a lot of writing on the wall.

Add in, that, except for Lin wood, the rest of Trump's inner circle (Powell, Rudy, Flynn, His kids, hell the fucking pillow guy) have all pretty much stopped pushing that Trump will remain. If they still are, I'm not seeing it anywhere and would love to be directed to it.

So yeah it's a lot of writing.

There's still a chance something could happen and there could be a plan, as there's always a chance for everything, but the writing is being carved into the walls now.

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Came here to say exactly this.

I'm still holding out hope for a plan and something happening to save us from the hell that awaits us, but it's also very hard to ignore the writing on the wall now. Is unfortunately getting louder by the day.

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All sounds status quo to me.


Big tech made a big mistake, shouldn't have done it and believes consequences will be catastrophic. (Seeing that now in people leaving big tech platform and their stocks falling). Said that there's always a counter move, and he's never seen people with this kind of outrage before.

In regards to the 6th, what he said and did was appropriate, and many people who analyzed what he said and did feel the same, especially his final paragraph and final sentence, that everyone though it was totally appropriate.

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For Obama's inaguration in 09, yes he did.

You can see that here, and read it here. Almost identical wording.

See it:

Read it:

This is the only other time it's been done since the 1980, and that's because FEMA was created in 1979, thus that's when recording began.

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I don't disagree with you one bit.

All I'm saying is that if people are looking at this of a sign of something, this isn't it.

I work in public safety, we always get reimbursed for OT occurred when shit like big snow storms, hurricanes, etc hit because our Gov declares a state of emergency on the state level. If we didn't then when hurricane season rolls around, or winter hits, we'd blow through our fiscal budget at the start of the fiscal year or half way through it.

Same principle here, just at the federal level.

I could be wrong about this being a sign of something happening I really could be, and God I hope I am, but I'm just applying common sense and my almost decade in public safety here and understand what this means for the local public safety/service agencies of DC.

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That's funny.

If I recall, wasn't there some big pro 2A event happening this weekend in DC? I know the Mayor just revoked permits for a bunch of pro trump stuff.

Honestly I think this is just a knee jerk to the 6th, and as I explained, aid for the local public safety/service agencies of DC for the inauguration.

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I think I know what you're hinting at, and I hate to say it, but I agree.

I see evidence from both sides here.

I see evidence from Trump's side that, hey it's over. They cheated and won, we know it, we did everything we could, but the corruption was just too strong. There's nothing else left here to try.

I think by the way the Trump inner circle is talking, in terms of not saying Biden's name ec, it's just pride and ego not letting them admit it.


I see signs from the Q anon side that, hey there is some shit at work just sit tight.

There is substantial evidence that there are a few aces left he could play, the question is will he. I know there's a lot of cries for the IA right now, so who knows.

It's really an emotional roller coaster, and we won't really know anything until the 20th.

Part of a red flag for me is that Trump and his inner circle (Powell, Rudy, His kids, Flynn etc) have all gone very silent, with the exception of Wood before Parler shut down but if just one of the bunch is saying it, kinda hard to go with a lone wolf. Could just be them afraid of censorship, or them hiding a plan, or simply their ego and pride.

Again, really only time will tell.

I'm holding out hope for a plan, and some shit to go hot, because really at this point, I don't see a point not to. If we're wrong, there's going to be plenty of time to doom and gloom, I'm not trying to get a head start on it.

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From another thread on this I posted on:

Don't get too carried away with this. Bush did the same thing for Obama. Yes this is only the 2nd time it's been done according to the FEMA website going back to the 1980s, but it looks like it's just to allocate federal resources/monies to supplement local agencies, since this will be a large scale event.

For a lot of LE agencies, a 'state of emergency' has to be declared to be repaid for any OT accrued during whatever the 'emergency' is. At least that's how my agency is.

I really wouldn't read too much into this or take it as a sign of 'Happening'.

The puzzling part is the Biden team said they were doing the inauguration 'virtual' because of 'muh covid' yet there's all of the standard 'inauguration' stuff in DC like jersey walls, generators, etc. Could be, given the 'magically sudden' change in narrative, see NY Gov, about 'muh covid' they may have changed their minds about virtual?

Really only time will tell, but having a history of these being done for inaugurations in the past, and knowing how 'states of emergency' relate to federal funding for debts incurred by local government agencies during 'events/disasters', I wouldn't read too much into this, and just chalk it up as standard procedure, given the events of the 6th.

I'm completely on board for their being a plan and a move in the 11th hour, but really, I think with this one, people are simply just reaching.

I could be wrong, I really could be, but to me, this just all looks standard so that the Fed Government can give money to Capitol Police, DCMP, DCFD, etc, for OT they sustain from having to work this event.

This happens literally all of the time with LE/Fire & EMS/Local Government Agencies when SOE's get declared. They have to submit some paperwork off and then get reimbursed from the FED GOV for their costs during things like this or natural disasters so that these types of things don't blow their fiscal budget away.

I'm sure other people here who work in public safety/service can attest to this.

And I know what people are going to say.

Fema to pay money to local LE for OT? Come on.

As a matter of fact yes. This happens all over the country especially in places prone to disasters. (See west coast - wild fires, midwest/tornado alley (self explanatory), gulf coast states - Hurricanes, etc.)

That's actually outlined here:

For those who don't want to read, here's an article that literally tells you a 100% reimbursement for the inauguration of Obama in 09.

I'll even SS it for you:

'This was necessary for IA'.

This is fake news actually. No where does it say that an SOE is needed for an IA, anywhere it's written. It DOES say that a proclamation to disperse is needed. Some people argue that Trump's video was good enough, but unfortunately I think they're looking for something a bit more official like EO level official in terms of a proclamation.

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That's actually fake news, that's ironically being spread here quite a bit and over at thedonald.

A proclamation to disperse needs to be issued. People argue that his Twitter video was proclamation enough, but I think it needs to be something more official than a twitter video/tweet.

No SOE is needed though. Everyone here is just reading way too into this one sadly.

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No you just don't know how the federal government works and what's entitled to local governments when an SOE is declared.

Outlined here actually:

Educate yourself before you make yourself look like a fool.

Just in case.....

For those who don't want to read, here's an article that literally tells you a 100% reimbursement for the inauguration of Obama in 09.

I'll even SS it for you:

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