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Oh there absolutely WILL be lawsuits when word gets out.

So many people already had their lives ruined by the jab, and when they finally learn it was designed faulty on purpose, they will not hold back their rage against the liars

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"Faulty" missiles

So they explode 2 seconds after launch?

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The era of LGBTQ is ending,

Soon the LGBS community will replace it

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There never was.

It's cabal geoengineering that is making the weather worse

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I would not be surprised if the answer is revealed to be "yes" in the future

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He knows he at least has a "legacy" to carry on his globalist anti-American mission

But I highly doubt Soros Jr. will last as long as his father

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I've been seeing a lot of complaints by the anime and furry art community that AI generated art is threatening to "put them out of work"

Others don't see the problems with it

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Hypothesis: He knows the globalists will take him out if he steps out of line with the cabal, so he has to tie strings to himself to stay afloat in terms of the Dems using him as a potential asset

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The Deep State wants to end the Kennedy bloodline before they are exposed for killing his predecessors

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They are the supposed descendants of the original canaanites

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