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Didn't epstein want to seed all human DNA with his own?

A truly evil man

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Keep scrolling past halfway down

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Twitter is primed for collapse with it's new CEO's TOS changes sinking the stocks,

Facebook is also losing to fucking TikTok of all things in terms of userbase growth and App downloads as of this year

Youtube... IDK if it's gonna last much longer... When Google sinks they'll take Youtube down with 'em

CNN just fired Cuomo, which is a good sign they are losing the fight for relevance

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This may be another clue to why Trump fast tracked the vaccines: They will blame Trump for starting the pandemic to bankroll the Pharma companies with vaccine deals.

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In this

Patriotism is love

All lives matter

Hypocrisy is not Science

Kindness is nothing

Pedophiles are not humans

Let's Go Brandon

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My best guess: Bait Big Pharma into rebuking his claim

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Remember BO wanted to close GITMO for good, but ultimately failed

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>At a certain angle it looks like a blowjob

For a moment there i thought they put actual HENTAI on the cups

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Pretty sure most modern holidays have pagan roots, don't they?

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I volunteer as tribute

I want my horse pills

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Me thinks Iran has hoarded BO's dirty laundry and that's why he sent a pallet of cash to them to shut them up

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Geez, the lengths people will go to for body art are just too far these days

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I agree with this, the cabal risks losing their highest value puppets like Soros, Pelosi, and most european PMs if they release a more fatal disease than COVID that is harder to cure

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