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God I hope this is true,

It would save countless lives

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He has a bounty on his head in both Russia and the Philippines

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So Soros is blowing more money on political insurrection groups, with minimal return

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Text on top is ostructed,

Please repost a fixed version?

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List all these side effects on a flyer and title it something gambling related like

"Would you roll the Dice?"

Associate the jab with Gambling with your life

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From what I heard recently a lot of WOW players are jumping ship to Final Fantasy 14 because of some guy one of the WOW devs criticized on Twitter

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Don't Forget Q said

"We are saving Israel for last"

It's clear the Cabal has tentacles deeply rooted in Israel, possibly Israel is the epicenter.

While I don't buy the "Jews are Evil" narrative, i believe the Khazarians who hijacked Judaism are the true enemy of mankind

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I recall a site saying the Khazarians hijacked Judaism then created communism to try destroying Russia as an act of revenge

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I would not be surprised if that one movie The Hunt was accurate and the Rothschilds actually DO hunt human trafficking victims for sport....


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It is completely dead on my end.....

I kinda miss that site

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The last good shows I watched on Netflix ane animes Brand New Animal and Demon Slayer

There is a reason the Demon Slayer manga is outselling all of Marvel and DC comics

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