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sorry, I said CIA but DARPA it is. Isn't DARPA also involved in the pharmaceutical industry - was it backer of one of the companies, the NIH. What is DARPA really supposed to be for?

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The movie The Social Network (I think that is what it is called) is totally false. Zuckerberg did not create facebook. I have seen good posts about his background, etc...facebook was and still is a CIA operation... this explains how it is not anti monopoly for it to own what like almost all of social media.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if almost all social media was a CIA operation.

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test for what? This whole thing is a joke. It becomes more absurd by the minute. Children could make it make more sense.

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Can they play on the same basketball court though? touch the same basketball? What an absolute joke!!

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TorStar was going bankrupt before Turdeau bailed them out a few years ago. They are fear porn to the max. When they come for the children, shit will get real fucked up.

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There is a twatter account US Vaccine Tracker that claims to track percentage of people (all people) that have two shots and it goes up about .1% every day - as of yesterday it was at 55.3% (@usvaccinecount)

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Elderberry jam is yum! Looks like wine is king! Quercetin and elderberry covered by wine!

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The evil of western medicine has been exposed. Where we go from here, who knows, but I feel exactly the same. The learning and exposing and awakening is just beginning.

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Just like back when there was swine flu and Obama was president, the CDC changed the definition of “pandemic” to declare that a pandemic and invoke emergency powers and all the tyranny that comes with it.

This is the same playbook but this time they are not backing down until millions will have died and digital passports will be in place.

Lots of people (in particular James Corbett) said this was all coming years and years ago as far back as the days of SARS.

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The only people I ever see that like Trudeau are people who are not from Canada. He is the beneficiary of weak opponents, multiple parties to spread out votes, and likely cheating…this election will certainly be interesting…

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holy shit i could seriously watch people hate on Turdeau all day long!!! keep the videos coming!

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they will say they all got the clot shot

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I am still working my way through the thread I found - It looks like the researchers spent months putting it together! It will take a long time to expose what these criminals have done but it goes to show that our efforts are not in vain!

Thank you for sharing your article.

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Trudeau literally cannot handle how he is detested. And it shows more and more every day. This is Narcissistic Personality Disorder to the max....

I really hate him so much.

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I for one no longer give any fucks if morons want to enslave themselves with these passports and subject themselves to government control. Meanwhile, we will build our own communities and economies away from these corrupt tyrants…

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My point is to just be wary of these “truthers”. They do often provide some truth but it is designed to make you only go so far. Always do your own research and go with your own instincts.

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It is great! Short and perfectly captures it all!!

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This probably won’t be well received but I always got Alex Jones, controlled opposition, vibes from Powell.

It’s not that everything they say is untrue but it is controlled. Designed to stop you from going too far and leading you in wrong directions.

Just my opinion, no hate!

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I figured - or before they come for the children. Well remember their names for the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

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The non jabbed haven’t been able to get groceries don’t forget.

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