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Hey.. I've seen you post a lot about Racine. I haven't done a ton of digging yet but I found something rather interesting. You mentioned something about "sustainable racine" and so I searched those exact terms and went through some old archives.

I'm wondering if you've run across this particular page before. Sounds like Clinton is THE person who forged the idea of sustainable development.

Whose idea is this, anyway?

President Clinton created the President's Council on Sustainable Development in 1993.


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So I had a pretty wild thought a while back. This is admittedly a total conspiracy theory, but not necessarily out of the realm of possibility.

Ever see the movie The Island?

The plot is basically that the rich and powerful paid to have clones produced for use as organ and tissue replacements to extend their lives. The clones were birthed and raised in an underground bunker, injected with false memories of a childhood that never happened, and brainwashed into believing they were lucky survivors of a catastrophe in the outside world, and that it was too dangerous to ever leave the facility. Every so often, they would stage a "lottery" for the clones, telling them that one lucky person would be sent to "the island", the last safe place on earth outside of the compound. In reality, going to "the island" meant the clone was being taken for organ harvesting for the owner.

So this is where things get interesting.

Animal cloning not only exists, it's in active use for livestock and pets. For $50,000 you can have your dog cloned right now. Knowing what we know about the evil in this world, is it such a stretch to wonder if they're doing this with humans?



Currently, animal cloning requires a surrogate mother who gives natural birth to the clone. The clone is equivalent to a natural genetic twin. It's fair to assume that if this procedure was being used on humans, a human surrogate mother would also be necessary.

Now let's put the pieces together:

Billionaires who want to live forever.

Human trafficking for surrogate mothers.

Organ harvesting.

What's under Epstein island? What's going on underground in Antarctica? What's really going on with the DUMBs?

VR technology makes the idea of false memories an ACTUAL possibility. Imagine if a baby was born and grew up into adolescence in a totally virtual world, with friends and family who never really existed, and preprogrammed memories.

Just some food for thought...

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Not so sure lol. At least I hope not

I just did some digging into this... looks like Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of True Detective, got a lot of inspiration for this show from a book called "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race", by Thomas Ligotti. So much so, that he was accused of plagiarism.

Sounds like this is a dark, dark book. From the reviews, it makes the case that life is a curse, everything is rotten, we are "malignantly useless", and we'd all be better off not existing.


This sentence in a review caught my attention:

"So, True Detective fans, enjoy! (If "enjoy" is indeed the right word.) But don't expect Rust to chime in at the end and tell you that 'The Light is winning.'"

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Assuming that this woman isn't an plant, MSNBC probably interviewed dozens of people that day and chose that one interview because she mentioned civil war. Which is what the globalists want more than anything, as it will finalize the collapse of the republic so it can be fully taken over.

Divide and conquer. Never forget that. NOTHING is more divisive than a civil war.

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Good point, guess we will just have to wait and see. My first thought about this was government pressure, due to the timing and the government's disdain for crypto.

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Damn... I thought Gaben was going to be one of the heroes. Guess not.

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Religion is definitely valid leverage for a discrimination suit, but the OP's post said nothing about religious convictions. It simply says, if you're fired for being unjabbed, sue for discrimination.

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Go through this guy's twitter.. he posts some great stuff.

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It's all good, I get it.

I just don't think pointing and laughing is the right approach to end the plight. It's sort of like when you're having a debate or argument.. yelling never helps to get the other party to understand your side. It just makes them tune you out and cling harder to their side of the argument.

I say.. just keep educating and stick to truth. Sooner or later, when the right nugget of information comes by and resonates with them, they'll start questioning things. That's all we need to do. Just keep to educating and informing.

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This post kinda pissed me off for that reason.


It also kinda pissed me off that it was stickied.

I get it, we all internally mock the masked zombies. But at the end of the day, it's divisive, which is what [they] want. Keep focused on educating and waking people up.

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Probably for Nipah Virus.


It was being worked on in Wuhan. They started on a vaccine in Feb 2020. Trials were set to begin last month.

Stew Peters recently mentioned it on his show.. someone brought it up on Fox Business and it went largely unnoticed.

“Obviously, the most important thing is to, is we’ve got sort of gotten through this pandemic in one form or another, but definitely not have another one. So some of the additional work I’ve done has shown that this very laboratory that I believe was involved with SARS CoV2 was working on the Nipah virus, which has an 80 to 90% lethality. So in December 2019, they were working on moving, doing genetic synthetic biology with the Nipah virus. This has to stop. We need to stop doing these kinds of dangerous experiments and figure out how if we can ever do them again in a proper fashion.” – Dr. Steven Quay


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Discrimination (in a legal sense) has to fall into a set of defined categories. For example, https://www.eeoc.gov/discrimination-type

As far as I can tell, after a good 20 minutes of searching, there's no protections for this particular type of discrimination, even though we recognize it as flagrantly discriminatory.

We need a new anti-discrimination Act for this. It baffles me that none of our lawmakers have even considered this yet.

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Yep. Putin is against the New World Order, that's why they've pushed so hard on the Trump/Russia/Putin crap.

Listen to Biden bitch and complain about it here:


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Not true. This isn't about the Chinese RMB, it's about a digital currency and digital ID (ID2020) implemented through the vaccine passport platform.

Naomi Wolf and Catherine Austin Fitts have talked at length about this.



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I've been starting to do that a lot too lately. Same thing.. eye roll & head shake. It's not something I do intentionally, it just happens. Lots of people in the grocery store have been getting the stink eye lately.

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I don't watch often, but from everything I've seen, Bartoromo has been doing a great job the whole time. She's one of the few I've been completely trusting of throughout all of the insanity.

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It posts a lot of plain-clothes videos from his house on his telegram. Stew is 100% straight up a good guy, and a family man.

This one was very real to me https://t.me/stewpeters/6955

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Heh. The article says...

The backdrop behind Biden as he was getting his booster shot wasn’t “created” for that event — it had been used five days earlier for a global coronavirus summit.

Yeah, we didn't build this thing for the booster shot photos.. we built it 5 days ago. As if that makes it any better.

Still trying to figure out what was going on with this:


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