Just restarted my laptop with an 'ooh, some updates pending' option. And what do I find under 'Services' on the restart? A new 'AppReadiness' exe, as well as updated ME tabs. Killed that fucker straight off and now going to go laser-blast any new traces of ME.


Oh look, here in the UK, it's raining in September. Bill Gates must have switched Climate Change, aka 'the weather', on!!! Quick Greta, do a press release how dare you!!!


Yes this is a shitpost and I make no apologies.

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The latest from Dr Vernon Coleman, spelling out in black and white raw language about what is happening to children due to the C19 NON-vaccines.

Please - send this to every parent you know who is even 0.000000001% considering letting their child be genocided.


WRING OUT YOUR DEAD ? These people are sick! ?
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Would have been my OH's dad's 100th birthday today, so he wanted to go to the crematorium to lay some flowers, reminisce and pay respects.

As soon as we drive up to the end of the car park before the concourse into the crematorium - big sign - CORONAVIRUS - SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES ARE IN FORCE.

15 - FIFTEEN of these fucking things emblazoning SOCIAL DISTANCING, DO NOT GATHER BEYOND THIS POINT, STAY 6FT APART, FUNERAL CARS ALLOWED ONLY all festooned around the area where people coming to a cremation, or to pay respects to their loved ones, first park up.

Really? Are words like 'FORCE', 'DO NOT', 'STAY APART' the things that mourners want to be greeted with on the day they come to bid their departed loved one farewell, and or pay their respects to those on an anniversary?

And get this. 'CORONAVIRUS' features the spiky 'virus' animation for the first 'O'. Underneath is written, in much smaller letters, 'Covid 19', with the circle in the 9 filled in in bold. So which is it? Coronavirus or Covid 19? If I've got a common cold, which is a coronavirus, should I heed these signs?

A place of sanctity, a place of deity watching over our departed, defiled with this SATANIC FILTH of officialdom gone mad.

Fortunately, I swiftly deduced that the signs were driven into the ground in terracotta earthenware stumps. I uprooted the nearest one and shoved it under a nearby hedgerow, where it FUCKING belongs.

Tomorrow I am going to be lodging an official complaint with the Local Authority for this disgusting debasement of the dignity of death.


Had my first 'mask nazi' encounter today. What an honour, and what a result. A CHECKOUT operator had the temerity to quip, whilst approving my 'age-restricted product' (it's been a long day ?) "So you don't wear a mask then?" "No I'm exempt". "Sorry?". "I'm exempt." "Oohh" in the least-attempted disguise of disdain ever.

Cue me summoning the Store Manager at Customer Services, and off we go for a private chat for me to register the complaint. I immediately relay the scenario, that this conduct was not only wholly inappropriate but also unlawful, in line with government guidance. His face (what I could see of it above the diaper) immediately drops, in complete capitulation, attempting to fit in a "if people wear a lanyard" clause to his "full understanding", but submissively countered by my pointing out that said government guidance makes clear that no-one should be asked to justify why they are not wearing a face covering (me purposely not saying 'mask').

Turns out, he blurts out to me about how they've had similar complaints about this rogue operator, and that he is already currently on a 'process'!! Now, I can forgive the Manager for his own flouting of an individual's respect and privacy given the circumstances ? To add saccharinely-coated salve to injury, as we get up and are leaving he throws in "in fact, I'm going to take him off the tills now".

Don't be afraid. Know your rights, stand up for them, be calm and polite but resolute about it, and not only do you win, but the fuckers who can't foresee the long-term consequence of their Karenism lose - in this case it appears, their job. The sweet smell of success ?

That's it. Call me crazy but I now no longer dismiss the Reptilian theory. (media.greatawakening.win) 🤢 These people are sick! 🤮
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I watched this for the first time last night. Infinitely moving. The galley/pirate sequence, and the Chariot race, absolute masterpieces of special effects and editing. I've no doubt it would captivate the minds of willing teenagers today. Folks, if you have receptive teens, please sit down and watch some silent films with them. Ben-Hur almost moved me to tears at times in its reverent off-screen depiction of the Christ.

Save Our Rights... PMSL!! ? These people are stupid!
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I'm new to posting, so powers that be, this is light-hearted and please append any of those fancy tags you feel appropriate, although it does fit in with the community as I'll explain.

Here in the UK, we have a website called 'Save Our Rights' set up by our patriots fighting to defend the fast erosion of our civil liberties through the imposition of corona bollocks and all the tyrannical laws they're bringing in under the guise of it.

Now, I forgot that the domain is .uk, and absent mindedly typed 'saveourrights.org'.

Try it and see what you get!!

(It is safe for work and is web secure, it's just the most hilariously ironic shite I've seen this year.)



I normally avoid mainstream media like the proverbial plague, but I like 'Hard Bastard' and his sardonic deconstruction of MSM shit, so I gave this a go.

Oh my God. Not one single sentence either of these two viragoes exchanges does not contain the grossest, most bare-naked emotional manipulation, fearmongering, and outright indoctrination LIES.

I may light-heartedly post on here that the vaccinated deserve what's coming to them etc, but in reality I do reserve humanity for them in my true conscience and hope as many as possible escape their potential fate.

But for these EVIL SICK SOULLESS BASTARDS in the MSM, and I really mean this, they truly deserve public execution in the most painful, protracted, degrading way possible. How the fuck can people have children, look them in the eye each day, and then still go and commit these crimes against humanity for their day jobs?

The vaccine deletes your eyes again?? (www.thegatewaypundit.com)
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