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Mike on the Sienne was yes.

Obummer and Clooney on the boat was years back.

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At least he kept his dick in his trousers, unlike Obama and Clooney on the boat with the little girl.

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I hope the likes of Liz Cheney's 'over-ton windows' stay padlocked shut.

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It's got to the time now we have to realise that Demons aren't going to manifest as little red horned goblins with pointy ears, forked tongues and flicky tails brandishing pitchforks. His mother's Stygian swamp of a womb merely splat out a human fleshsack for the incubus to inhabit for his time masquerading on Earth.

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J6 was Pelosi's plot to become POTUS.

When she was Speaker, she was on EVERYTHING all over the place ALL THE TIME, even going off on foreign 'diplomatic' jollies and whatnot and generally overreaching FAR beyond the actual requirements of the Speaker role. When did and do you ever see or hear other Speakers doing things other than just what is procedurally in the job description? Not a lot.

The woman has a life-long wanton lust for POWER. Absolute POWER. The thought of it causes a flash-flood in her Sahara Triangle.

Biden isn't interested in power. He's interested in money and raping children. Kamala isn't interested in power. She's interested in money and publicity.

Pelosi knew this very well of both of them and followed them around doggedly with a knife behind her back. She had something planned for them on J6 that would make her President. She has well-known Mafia connections besides what we don't know of. I believe this was to do with the SS woman telling her not to say anything in that video.

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If he dies and goes to Hell then he is only going back where he came from. He is truly a DEMON in the very real and literal sense. They are brazen now about being among us. They took their masks off when they forced us to put them on.

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He doesn't consider publicly sexually abusing little girls a felony either, and apparently neither does anyone in congress.

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Not commenting on this particular dude's account, but I have noticed the 'scientific' videos of late trying to reassure us that this is just a 'disorder'. Yeah like Covid was a deadly flu and the sky is falling down.

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Well, rumour is that Biden prefers girls over boys and doesn't like them black, so he does need some lessons.

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The difference is that before, your Green Parties, Greenpeace, Save the Whales etc could just be ignored as annoying silly fringe hippies. But all that changed in 2020 when the PSYCHOTICALLY EVIL DEMONS of the WEF, WHO and EU came out IN CONCERT barely a couple of months into NOvid and started talking about climate emergencies and lockdowns.

I still to this day can't convey my anger at THREE YEARS of polluting land and sea with 8 BILLION FACE SHITRAGS every day, which was apparently totally carbon neutral and eco-friendly. That's 9 TRILLION 🤬🤬🪢🪢

The ENTIRE thing is about nothing other than incrementally advancing the agenda to end freedom of movement and activity. 'For the greater good'.

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Orgiastic wallowing in blood and bodily filth. Proof that the DNC has been pre-filmed.

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That would be a cunning plan... if any of them were women!

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Wonder if we'll have another 'ship accident'. Is anniversary of Titanic sinking after all 🤭

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At the time (pre-Chauvin trial) there was a rather more gruesome close-up of that one, showing her eyes all dilated, bloodshot and freaky. Couldn't quickly find that one in search results though.

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Photo is the ultimate visual metaphor for not allowing you to protest before shooting you in the head. And to kids. The real, continuing weakness of mind virus makes me fucking puke.

And oh, what a coincidence, a mixed race gender neutral-looking 'subject' 🙄

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The sky's been falling down since I was a kid and I'm now 45. Eventually only enough time need pass to prove things as utter bollocks.

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What a pity Ghislaine can't enjoy it.

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