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In my experience, and if you have a removable diffuser plate, it could be slightly out of alignment causing the poor mixing noted in one of the earlier comments. Simply attempt to reseat the diffuser plate and round cap on top, so they are both are aligned and it should fix the problem. Or if you’ve already done this with no luck, There are some other good recommendations here.

There are purity standards for commercial natural gas so that would be well down the troubleshooting list in my opinion. Good luck!

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I would argue that if you're looking for alternative perspectives on the current events in our world and not satisfied with the mainstream narrative of those events, you are probably thinking more critically than most. Yes, there is mis/disinfo everywhere, but the point is to take what you can find through your own research, analyze the facts, opinions, and perspectives found in that information, and form an educated perspective of your own based on the research you conducted. That is the definition of critical thinking. And it's probably the one commonality everyone who visits this board shares (short of the glowbros)

The "truth" is not an easy thing to discern in the world today and unfortunately that means we have to take it upon ourselves to put forth a level of effort to search for it, despite the inconvenience it places on our daily routine. I happen to find that many research topics posted here originate on the aforementioned board hence the recommendation. Not all of the posts are 100% accurate, but neither is Facebook, the NYT, or any other news source.

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Follow the Anons. For they are and have been doing the heavy lifting on all things Q.


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The only thing I find believable about this food pyramid is that they grifted the drawings from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special.

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Resilience strategies? Is that what they call "lurking in the shadows" and " not getting caught a second time" these days?