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Congressman Devin G. Nunes, Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, to Join Trump Media & Technology Group as Chief Executive Officer

Because this .


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Who cares. This medication is bad. Lets people know it is bad and they research it.

Hitler Mao and Stalin can tell me the sky is blue I won't start saying it's black now cause they said it.

More people speaking out about this the better

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He didn't even say Jews or specify one time whole song yet if you Google name of this song and "anti semitic" or "Jews" you'll find a shit load of discussion and articles calling him anti semitic for this song kek

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That's so shitty to do. What a asshole. Patriots know they are doing right thing when establishment is attacking them so hard

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They are not the same thing in any fashion, they are completely opposed. No self identified fascist or national socialist support mask mandates, vaccine mandates, globalism or immigration. They are firmly against all. As shown by noone on this post able to name any who support any of these issues . Public school is complete brain washing in regards to history and world views.

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Fascist are against the left, they are not leftist and always historically have been

No self identified fascist supports vaccine mandates, mask mandates, globalism or immigration today.

I definitely don't follow MSM in any form.

Again I've asked repeatedly give me a fascist person who supports these policies or "Nazi" and noone can name any. They firmly stand against all these policies

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I like how you all just downvote here instead of give an answer. You cannot name a single person who is called fascist or a Nazi who supports any of these things. It's all communist, anarchist, socialist and liberals only who support them.

Tough pill for you when you realize it, looks like

Go look at any far right areas online none support any of these mentioned movements and decisions above and all preach against them

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Find me a single person who is called a fascist or Nazi online who supports mask mandates, vaccine mandates, immigration or globalism. You will not find it

The so called totalitarian ones you say are the ones out there marching against mandates on streets and preaching against them in their communities

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