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I'm certain that Nazi Mossad ((((joo)))) u/catsfive is behind this crackdown! Affiliate links are free speeeeeeech!!!

Hahaha, don't ban me, I'm kidding. Those haters that discombobulate inside every mod PSA post are just too hilarious not to make fun of.

EDIT actually. It's simple. Guys. Amazon affiliate links get royalties. It's not about fenbendazole. You can buy it on amazon no problem (that's where I got mine). The affiliate links pay royalties, and the posts are just tards trying to skim off everyone's purchases. I wouldn't allow it if I was a mod too.

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When Elijah gathered the prophets of Ba'al, marched them down to the river and slew them, killed them, describe the language they used.

This is war. Literally, a holy war. God Himself is under attack.

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Agree. Probably the scariest weapon Russia has put on display has been their resolve, their patience. They will never waver. The SMO's objectives will be achieved.

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People like you that are always never wrong and always see the truth in everything from the very beginning are just sooo amazing, I wish I could hang around you guys all the time so I know everything, but you never seem to be around at the start of anything

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SS: Super weird.

The Kozyrev mirror is a theoretical device that was proposed by the Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev in the mid-20th century. The mirror is said to have the ability to reflect not just light, but also time and gravity, essentially creating a "time mirror." According to Kozyrev, the mirror could be used to observe events from the past, and potentially even the future, by reflecting light that has traveled through space and time. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to support the existence of the Kozyrev mirror, and it remains a topic of speculation and debate within the scientific community.

I asked Bing Chat AI to summarize it.

The most interesting aspect of the Kozyrev mirror concept is the idea that it could potentially reflect not just light, but also time and gravity, essentially creating a "time mirror" that could be used to observe events from the past and future. This idea of being able to observe the past and future has captivated the public imagination and has led to speculation about the potential applications of such a device.

GPT, also, being fricking retawded, gave me this gem:

  • Believability: The concept of a time mirror is not supported by any scientific evidence and is currently considered to be speculative and unproven.
  • Investigation: There have been no scientific investigations or experiments to support the existence or feasibility of the Kozyrev mirror. Still. "Mirror" really stands out to me.


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Thanks, mods! I come here for the deep research and reading links that take me hours to get through. If I need low effort "dreck" (is that like dead wood?) I'm happy to surf the 'Ultra Pepe Lives Matter' Daily Morale things. Thanks!

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