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Giving this a try. It deletes a lot of content on PDW but I like what you did with the toggle. I can always turn it off if I'm looking for something. Thanks for this!

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(800lb ones)

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You mean almost like a 'Garden of Heroes'?

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I saw that. It was almost down to his knees. Well not really, but easily down to his zipper. He also looked a but extra -orange- to me.

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I basically lurk here, and lurk on PW, and it's no contest which WIN has the best culture. I'll take frogs > pedes any day of the week. They are basically libtards over there. They live in a world where "q-turds are BS" and yet Trump RT's Q content all the time, all over the place. Ask them to reconcile that and all you get is HURR DURR dogshit. They will learn. The space that they are standing on is shrinking and shrinking, getting smaller and smaller.

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Haha, yes, and we get modmails most of the time from removing them.

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THIS. What, wow. Am I the only one that's thought this, like, forever? Cates was SO on point, but there was no way that a guy with this kind of brain can look at the Q drops and not see the op, to not see Trump inside it.

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Praise Jesus, YES! The woodchipper of justice is ready and waiting for the festivities to begin! Bang on. I hope this ball keeps rolling and gathering steam until its ready to smash their entire evil kingdom once and for all.

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Same. This board is an island in stream. Looking down this thread's comments and not finding even one "two moar weeks" retard is enough for me. So helpful. So perfect.

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KEK, exactly my situation. Then suddenly I met a based woman who treats me with respect. I feel like I went through a mini "Job" experience. God is good.

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