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Well, THOSE people are precisely who can absolutely go and kill themselves

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Holy shit, almost 1.1 MILLION post score. OK, you are doing what you say, geeeez!

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Trump appears to be sending true believers and patriots his heartfelt thanks.

Much work remains to be done.

The end game approaches.

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You're not factoring in the news cycle. The drip-drip-drip is necessary because time is the only way to get the complete story out there. Release it all at once and it's over, finito.

These people burning down cities are burning down their own narrative. These cities are getting what they voted for and getting what they deserve.

Sessions created Durham. When we see the scale of the Clinton Foundation investigation, we'll see why the Stealth Bomber needed to be stealth.

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I never ever miss X22. I almost posted this but you beat me to it. Glad everyone is listening to Dave because this guy does his homework.

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Probably not on that island (too small.) I think they place you're looking for is Epstein's New Mexico ranch. Island’s temple had several subterranean floors, though. But, holy cojones

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This isn't a difference of opinion. It's not like they come up for air after weeks of deep research, reading everything they can get their hands on, just like us, and say, "I have a different conclusion!" These are know-nothing doomers who just shill doom and gloom everywhere and ignore all the subtle signs of progress because they aren't getting the spectacular arrests they want.

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Who can't post here? I don't see people getting banned left or right. If someone is banned for being a dick that's one thing, but if someone being a dick gets banned, that means they're a dick, not that the sub is 'comped'.

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