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Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


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What follows is a comment I made some weeks ago regarding the threat of a radiological event.

My theory is that no detonation will be necessary.

Recall 9/11. Did real aircraft fly into the twin towers? Or were they both rigged with explosives and brought down, while Hollywood news crews composited footage of aircraft into the footage in post production for the media?

Could the media do such a thing again? Could they make enough Americans believe that a detonation had occurred, when in reality it was carefully set explosives and composited mushroom clouds? Radiation could be leaked at select locations to sell the explosion, evacuations and quarantines could be set up to hype the panic, and an EMP could wipe out electronics so no one close to the area could get footage.

This would effectively drive many Americans deep into the Mass Formation Psychosis wherein their critical thinking will be shut down and replaced with narrative induced fear.

We saw this occur on 9/11.

While I believe that this type of event is possible, I do not believe it is likely to occur in this timeline. Certain events would irreversibly place us on a path to World War III. I think such a psy-op, if left unchecked, would do just that.

If the Cabal try to pull this stunt, I think that is when Q and the Military would step forward and tear down the curtain for all the world to see.

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Part of the ultimate plan was to let Dems cheat their way into every office and position in our Republic.

Like it or not, the past decade has been one giant sting operation. Patriots had to stand by and vigilantly watch as the Democrats incriminated themselves, and drew out all the rats from the labyrinth of the swamp.

There was simply no other way to drain the swamp without causing a civil war, mass casualties, and untold amounts of destruction. There is no use saving our Republic if we have to destroy it in the process.

I agree with the sentiment that we need to get over 2020. I don't like it, but I understand it. The only way to fix 2020 without a civil war is through 2022 and 2024.

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I doubt that they have anything to fear, then. In order to prevail, patriots would need national leadership and nationwide organization.

President Trump and the MAGA movement are the symbols of both of those.

It is for this reason that the Brandon admin attempted to rebrand MAGA to ULTRA MAGA in such spectacularly failing fashion. They fear MAGA. They fear the Red Wave that they stole from America in 2020, and now they can do nothing to stop the Red Tsunami that approaches in 2022, and the tectonic shifts in the political landscape that will follow in 2024 as the Storm approaches.

They have both. We have neither.

What they have is the illusion of organization and national leadership. In reality, their house is one of cards, not brick. Their foundations are crumbling beneath their feet. What little support they have is relegated to echo chamber chat rooms heavily infiltrated and controlled by bots and paid shills. They have literally constructed The Matrix to pull over our eyes. It has been highly effective in convincing Patriots that they are outnumbered.

The Great Awakening Win changes things.

Patriots Win Changes things.

TRUTH Social changes things.

Rumble Changes things.

They no longer have the vice grip on the communications infrastructure. If we had neither national leadership, nor national organization, the recent streak of ULTRA MAGA primary wins would have been impossible.

Cheer up. The battlefield is not so bleak as you imagine.

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We can unite as a Republic of States without open warfare. This is what the Cabalists and Deep Staters fear most; a peaceful unification of the American people coalescing around a common ideal.

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Yup. ZULU82 has been up in the air for weeks etch a sketching all sorts of patterns. You can go back through its history and see the previous drawings.

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President Trump is Batman.

He is the symbol of our Great Awakening movement. Symbols are powerful. As a symbol, President Trump is able to strike fear into the hearts of the Deep State from the uncertainty of what he does and does not know, what he might or might not have in his possession, as well as who he is and isn't associated with.

While The Great Awakening can certainly proceed without President Trump, he is still a very powerful chess piece on the board, and his actions and words are capable of shifting the entire political landscape.

President Trump is also our rightful Commander in Chief, and we owe him our allegiance for his victory in 2020 that was stolen from him by the Democrats. He did not abandon us, and nor should we be so quick to abandon him during these hours of darkness.

There will indeed come a time for President Trump to step aside permanently and allow a new guard of Patriots to take the helm of our great Republic, but I do not believe that time is now.

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All I know is I'll be popping some champaign on the day they arrest President Trump!


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Thanks for the advice!

As an American citizen, hopefully the US border patrol doesn't hassle me too much.

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Soooo... Q never actually said that specifically.

The original post was:


Which then got tangled with:


That being said...

Q also stated the following:


This does not preclude the possible timeline in which an arrest of President Trump is made. It is still possible for POTUS to be insulated while incarcerated if indeed the Patriots are in control of the entire show. His arrest may indeed be a way of ensuring that he is insulated and protected should the Deep State become desperate enough for rash actions. The referenced fireworks could indeed refer to an unexpected POTUS event like an arrest.

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If he waits too long he will end up in prison.


Pray the Democrats are that stupid.

Trump as a martyr is 1000x more powerful.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” - Obi-Wan


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I believe it wise to keep the Deep State off balance. President Trump gains nothing by announcing a run for President, as he already has profound influence over the mid-term races. By maintaining a state of uncertainty around his 2024 run, he can keep the Deep State guessing about 2020, Devolution, and the Continuity of Government.

Taking back the States is far more important than President Trump returning to the White House. If we are to remove the Deep State by the books, it will take a convention of the States to accomplish the necessary foundational movements to reset and reboot our Constitution. I believe this was always the preferred plan. I do believe there will come a time for military movements, as per the Q red codes, but those movements will likely be predicated upon directives from state Governors and the new Congress in 2023.

I still believe that President Trump will return to the White House, but for the time being I think he is better off remaining a bystander for what is to come.

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I'm going to be passing through Canada next summer. Hopefully by then I can pass through unaccosted.

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Has anyone crossed the Canadian border recently? Is Trudeau's regime still pretending at being the Gestapo, or have they loosened up their travel restrictions?

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Yeah, its not 'conclusive' yet, but then again we likely won't ever have confirmation of a mole. Its more about reading the cards and the tells from Trump and FBI communications, and filling in the blanks to get an idea of what is going on.

Clearly the expected outcome of the MAL raid did not come to fruition. That much we know. The notion that double agent mole was imbedded in MAL makes total sense though. It falls right in line with what Q told us about Patriots being in control.

Either way, the MAL raid is a win win for Patriots, and a total losing scenario for the FBI and the Democrats. I'm enjoying the show tremendously!

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If the Democrats could pull off another plan/dem panic, they surely would.

I don't believe that is in the cards this time around. Too many are awake and ready to push back against a second wave of lockdowns.

They will still attempt something like this, but I expect both Ukraine and Taiwan to heat up before October gets here, and for Xi and Putin to begin their tribunals for biological weapons of mass annihilation. The Democrats will not survive the reckoning that is coming.

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Something... something... August... something... HOT!!!


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I believe Pence played his role impeccably.

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