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Bruce Porter Jr.

Title: The Rise and Fall of the US Dollar: A Historical Perspective

Throughout modern history, the US dollar has reigned supreme as the world's reserve currency, wielding immense power and influence. Its ascent to global dominance traces back to the end of World War II, with the Bretton Woods Agreement establishing it as the anchor of the international monetary system.

For decades, the dollar's supremacy facilitated global trade, investment, and economic stability, underpinning the growth of the United States and shaping the world order. Its status as the preferred currency for transactions and reserves gave the US unparalleled economic leverage and geopolitical influence.

However, as the adage goes, nothing lasts forever. The dollar's unchallenged reign is facing unprecedented challenges in the 21st century. Factors such as mounting debt, fiscal deficits, and the emergence of alternative currencies and economic blocs are eroding its supremacy.

The rise of digital currencies, like Bitcoin, and the internationalization of the Chinese yuan signal a shifting landscape where the dollar's dominance may no longer be assured. Moreover, geopolitical tensions and the weaponization of the dollar in sanctions have prompted countries to seek alternatives and diversify their reserves.

While the dollar remains formidable, its hegemony is no longer unquestionable. The history of currencies is replete with examples of rise and fall, and the US dollar is not immune to this cyclical pattern. It's been a remarkable run, but as we look to the future, it's prudent to recognize that change is inevitable, and the era of the almighty dollar may be entering a new chapter

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When Tolkien went back to his beloved “shire” after service inWWI trenches and saw that his boyhood haunts were devastated by industry, he likened it to Mordor and the destruction of beautiful Isengard by Saruman and the orcs

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He has no fear or reverence of God. He is a fool. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction” Prov. 1:7

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Being a deviant probably qualified him to paint the portrait

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Mocking them is the next best thing to a pie in the face

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He was a horrible president, I was in those long car lines waiting for gas, but he didn’t get a card at GHW Bush’s funeral

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People from her own district are voting for Trump—they’ve had enough of this 🤡

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