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Not enough people understand this. It’s incredibly easy for politicians to ignore your calls and emails. It’s even easy for them to ignore this crowd.

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Its called Duper’s Delight

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Dunno about about the Snow White reference. That’s where the magic mirror is from so maybe that?

God father 3 is about a super successful mafia King Pin who owns and buys the Vatican and the Pope and corrupts with money.

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Cannot verify but I read the black stone/ black rock founders book and he’s a major ccp lover and says America will be second without a doubt to China and chinas amazing ect ect. Apparently he was trumps main man on our China deal, which in his book he seems far more team China than team America. Quite sad.

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I gotta say, not taking a stance on whether FunVax is real or not; I found it fucking hilarious that the guy writing the article to debunk funvax and protecting bill gates from it posted his debunking article on Microsoft news, where at the end it says Microsoft and it’s partners may profit off the adds of the article ?