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It's the Truth and I don't see many people mention it or realise it. They have swallowed the Kool-aid and are pitching their message at a non-existent demographic, That's why this Go Woke and Go Broke meme is so accurate.

The marketeers spend a whole lot of effort and dollars to increase their market share and then a complete twat with the correct pronouns is appointed with a strategy that could bankrupt the corporation.

They all seem unaware that those stolen votes are not their Voters. What they can't ever internalise is they are almost certainly Trump voters.who reject their perverse values.

and who would never give them a dime.

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I'm hoping that is is becoming clear to these idiot corporations that the 81 million voters are imaginary and have no cash to spend on tickets or merch.

The authentic voters who had their vote stolen simply don't support these issues.

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She banned matt Walsh's video, "What Is A Woman"


'What Is A (Fired) Woman?' - Twitter Head Of Trust & Safety Gone After "Mistake" Banning Documentary

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Any talk of term limits is an obsolete paradigm, part of the existing corrupt system. The Plan is to end the entire system and to establish a New American Republic. a new game with new rules.

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Dylan is not trans, he is a grifting drag queen, and the Left fell for it, like a ton of stupid bricks.

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Karma is taking notes and he has got to get back to America, from Europe

in an aeroplane,

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I understand it to be that they are required to swear a verbal oath, which is registered as a Federal Record. or not in these cases.

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Allow yourself a moment or two to think through the implications of Obamas,Clintons, Bidens etc etc having that determination made upon their arrest, trial and guilty verdict that renders their laws Odious and revokes them all. Then we can talk reparations for every human that has suffered their decades of abuse.

It really opens up the real possibility for societal changes and improvements to Human Life that we all dream about.

Dare to imagine.

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How many of those who declined to sign and make the Oath have received foreign funding? China, Ukraine, etc etc,

That makes it Treason.

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Yes and the same year, the UK Treasury took over the Bank of England, around the time that President Donald Trump enjoyed some British hospitality, he even walked ahead of the Monarch in front of several hundred UK Military men.

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If they buy hammers for 400 Dollars, how much has been "allocated" for high end satellite phones ? could be another boondoggle.

On the other hand, a fresh start can't commence until the FedRes is destroyed, along with their FedRes Note.

so bring on the default, it will precipitate the required changes and stop the wars, which are funded with FedRes Notes and debt.

The Status Quo should not be funded for another year.

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In anticipation of 10 days of darkness, where the ground based telecom/communications networks are taken down and the true owner/operators of the Starlink service will be revealed to be Space Force.

With no phone or internet services it will be difficult to arrange/implement any escape plans.

There is much speculation about what might be happening during these dark days.


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Never interrupt the enemy when it's making mistakes.

Every public officer that is wilfully operating outside of the Constitution is committing Treason and have placed themselves under Military Jurisdiction.

Presidential Pardons won't help them.

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DJT offered BlowJoe a book deal.

He gave him a copy of Boris's CIA/MOSSAD/MI5 "Control Book" and offered him a deal,

work for the WhiteHats or the details in this book will be made widely public.

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hot rocks, burning small holes on front of T-shirts is the sign of a friend (usually)

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Those 81 million Brandon voters are fictitious and so they won't be spending any Dollars to support these issues.

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