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Killing seems oddly specific but then it’s just him throwing words out without actually addressing specifics.

Read: https://anonfamous.substack.com/

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So guessing this was debunked somewhere? https://anonfamous.substack.com/ Cause Ballard saying some things isn’t it.

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Laura Silsby, the Clinton associate working & subsequently arrested in Haiti for attempting to leave Haiti with 33 orphan children, was convicted yet (((somehow))) got out of jail & flown back to the US.

Where did Laura get a new job? The Center for Missing & Exploited Children, of course! https://clintonfoundationtimeline.com/january-29-2010-clinton-friend-laura-silsby-and-the-child-trafficking-case-in-haiti/

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The Center for Missing & Exploited Children was founded on abduction of Adam Walsh: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Center_for_Missing_%26_Exploited_Children

It has extremely close ties to Hillary Clinton & John Podesta.

Adam Walsh is Ron DeSantis. Look at Adam’s photos & photos of Ron’s son at same age. I’ll post if needed. John Walsh received fame & fortune for allowing the use of his son for new startup, Center for Missing & Exploited Children. He was guaranteed Ron would be groomed to be a head of state, just as he is now.

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Go to YouTube & search “Sweden Spy Factory” it has English subtitles & has a lot of the loose end type details I had been looking for over the years. It’s a fairly new channel that was shared here recently.

Here it is: https://youtu.be/vgsreyH_zs4

Also, create Twitter & TS accounts as their search functions can glean you a lot. I shy away from singular resources as they tend to be disinfo agents many times.

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Frazzle.rip not Frazzledrip

Hijacking top comment as this is super important I think albeit not confirmed obviously. I follow some former high-level operators & I’ve read conversations among them where multiple non-operators are posting on this topic with the former correcting them.

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If you like rabbit holes, try “Wallenberg Family Ericsson telecommunications” & their financial backing of Hitler, ADL, 5 Eyes, Federal Reserve as money men for Schiff family. Rothschilds are in there at the other end but Wallenberg is behind all spying.

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The Knight of Long Knives has another theory as well. The theory is that Hitler killed off all SS men beholden to Kaiser Germany or Germany as a whole.

Only SS who were Jewish, Ashkenazi & those who were too dumb to know the truth were allowed to live.

I believe this may have some truth as the Schiff family financed Hitler’s rise to power. Remember Hitler’s assassination attempt was done by men within his ranks.

This all goes back to Sweden’s Wallenbergs & Khazaria’s Rothschilds with the Schiffs name on everything including Hitler, 5 Eyes, ADL, FED, etc.

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Try searching for that & see what you get. I tried but seems like most of the legit stuff has been removed even on Brave and some of the lesser known & supposed “free search engines.”

Fucking ridiculous. And we’re seeing the further stomping out of truth with Twitters new paywall.

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This has been proven irrefutable thru DNA.

Issue is, they systematically murdered off the real Jews long ago for shining the same light we are today.

I’ve seen data showing up to 80% of Israelis are Ashkenazi by blood. The Teaching of Jesus in Israel was voted a crime by 90% of the elected govt but PM vetoed it setting up countrywide protests & rioting.

The Star of David is found nowhere in the Bible, only The Star of Remphran, the star of Saturn…ie The Morning Star…ie. Lucifer the Light Bringer. The Jewish Talmud is akin to a Genocide Handbook against Whites.

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