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Unfortunately, i think you could be right. The_Donald subreddit was the most exciting online community in the history of mankind. I remember the day the first Pedesta emails dropped and the flood of new users coming in to see the hive mind at work. They had to shut it down, too many redpills spreading across the platform and out into the world to see. Thats why they bought 4chan too.

A movie could be made just on the time that sub was alive.

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Sort of like “Heil Zeus” or the Hebrew pronunciation of Jesus (Hey - Zeus).

Yeshua is his real name for those curious. The image we often associate with Jesus with long hair & beard is a depiction of Zeus, not the Son. The Son of the Father is named Yeshua not Jesus & would be short haired & clean shaven per his fathers words in the Old Testament.

Jesus is the New Age name for the Savior, an evil, deceitful trick by TPTB to confuse and a mass manipulation of the world psyche.

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I'd edit this to say "PedoCoverUppers" for the normies. Women are much less likely to be peso's statistically which isn't to say some of the above aren't or can't be but they all are at least pedophilic-apologists, - recruiters or -coveruppers.

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I think you need to slow down and read his comment again. He's saying the civil courts don't work for the people, ie. they work for the corrupt elite. Who controls the DOJ?

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I think you're getting too hung up on the term Nazi. Rosenbaum is former General Counsel for the World Jewish Congress who called all of us Nazis. The WJC called anyone questioning covid vaccine extreme far right.

Do I need to go on? This is more smoke n mirrors and anyone who does 5 minutes of research will see he is not on our side nor a friend to MAGA. https://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/wjc-report-highlights-far-right-involvement-in-protest-against-covid-19-social-distancing-requirements

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Anyone post about the @q TS account changed to @Q just here recently?

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Now that I’ve had time to read it, you may be correct.

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Hannity is a company man, seen by his repeated & proud wearing of his CIA pin on air.

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Not really, they’d risk losing Hannity viewers & it’s their 2nd ranked show.

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Yes this has been public knowledge for some time for those who want to know.

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German life prior to Hitler is why. The same color revolution tactics going on in the US the last few decades was being pushed onto the German people which directly led to Hitler’s rise.

The push of debauchery within Germany was due to the same dynastic families pushing the leftist nonsense we see here today. The same dynastic families running media in Germany prior to Hitler & even during Hitler are the same ones who own the Us media landscape today.

So, as Germans saw it then, they were elated to have the Weimar Republic ousted and their sexual deviancy gone. The Germans wanted their normal way of life back.

I believe Hitler was heavily influenced by very powerful elites who wanted him in power as the 1st WW ended as they had planned and the next stage was the creation of the faux Jewish state of Israel, the ultimate end to WW2. If you’re not familiar, their World War plans date back centuries. WW3 was shaping up until Trump and to an extent continues today. The ultimate end to that war was the cementation of the NWO.

Look who assassinated Ferdinand. What’s his family background? Who guided him? What was Stalin’s family background? All Ashkenazi fake Jews.

I could write a book here but I think most will get the picture. Germans didn’t see it because they saw Hitler as the answer to rid themselves of the Weimar.

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He’s a clown, always has been.

He was caught on leaked Discord chat logs recruiting the worst neo nazi, violent racists to meet in Charlottesville.

He forgot to turn location off on Twitter revealing his location was McLean, VA. What happens to be located in McLean? Agency HQ.

Can go on & on & on. Dude is an obvious plant.

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Possibly changed, I don’t believe the clone theory. I think they just find look-alikes and plastic surgery them to look even more like the person they’re doubling, ala Hillary Clinton. Her double has been known for a decade+.

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The WEF website issue is null & void to me. You’re invited to their “recruitment camp” then put on the site. She’s never returned nor had dealings with them unless I’ve missed something.

Then, I’ve secretly hoped she’s a WH double for awhile now.

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Exactly, it’s a canned response from a bot or paid shill. Deport & move along.

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The easiest way to tell?

Every DS/Cabal owned Media outlet from print to television made him the lead story all at the same time and his mantra was NSA bad, CIA good.

Thats all it took to convince me.

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The part about people taking action seems logical although I’m not sure he’s gone about it the correct way.

He was making the rounds with that Patrick guy who had exposed an FBI plot to help Hillary to form his legitimacy within the Patriot community but many including Wood have cast doubt on him since.

Wood has been causing a lot of infighting but if he was targeted, I could see him lashing out. I could also see him being somehow beholden to the DS but on the flip side, he’s also done a lot of good.

It’s all so tiring, much like the constant barrage of color revolution nonsense.

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