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House of Saud controlled by who? Israel.

Remember frens, not until the 1970s did Saudi Arabia even exist as an “independent” nation. The 7 days war took the peninsula from Egypt.

Who created Islam or controls it is another rabbit hole altogether but the House of Saud has always been under the Zionists/Khazars/Ashkenazi mafia. Israel is being dealt with imo.

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I think you’re right but could also have Tony Blair-ish blackmail over him & it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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Looks like Sidney Powell may have wrote the EO draft since someone else posted that 67% of the words were found in one of hers.

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Talk about a red pill, so many here & evangelicals in addition to all leftists actually believe the 6 million killed in the Holocaust even though it is easily provable to be false. They even prosecuted citizens in Canada not too long ago for publishing the proofs.

How many know Hitler’s true history, how he was a gay prostitute at a known hangout for rich European men & is more than likely what financed his rise to power. But do we really know he was against them and not playing his role in the long game of the Rothschilds and their ultimate goal of the 2nd WW in the formation of the Ashekenazi Jewish homeland of Israel?

Each World War was planned extensively in the 1800s, anything saying otherwise is pure propaganda. I believe the first had multiple goals, one being the ousting of anti-jesuit faction within the Vatican. The chaos of Europe allowed for this go mostly unnoticed.

Every war has some geopolitical goal that plays into he hands of these sick fucks, just as the Bolshevik Revolution saw the murder of the Romanovs as well as 9 million ethnic Christian Russians and their history (the real Holocaust). This has always made me question the Q post where he says tha Putin is a puppet controlled by these same people which would make sense considering the purge by the Bolsheviks. Most people fail to realize Stalin was an Ashkenazi Jew himself, although he claimed otherwise. Is Russia still controlled? Putin? If so, all this banter by Putin is merely theatre. I guess we will find out.

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Took my comment, glad someone knows where the US base of the Rothschilds & their US model of the NWO is as well as where they’ve tested the nationwide voting fraud amongst many other insidious things.

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Man your comment history is telling. I’m actually surprised you have lasted this long here without getting booted.

You’re consistently pushing MSM narratives, basically calling Trump supporters idiots, etc.

If you’re not getting paid to shill for the elite, you’re doing it wrong.

And just for the record, your comment about all the wealth & rich people who are causing all the problems being capitalist is so brainwashed stupid, I’d advise some LSD/DMT/Psilocybin to break your conditioning.

You see, the world’s elite NWO cabal didn’t get rich from being capitalists, they did so by murder, mayhem & here in the US, crony capitalism & the Federal Reserve. Documentarian Bill Still will enlighten your dumbass if you ever wake from your conceded brainwashed world view.

But you’re not long for this site. You’ll be deported soon I’m sure.

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There is only rumor about it being sold, I should have been clear on that but DDG was founded by a pretty shady character, Mr Weinburg (ring any bells?). DDG has always used Google’s backbone for their results, no secret there. DDG doesn’t care about your privacy whatsoever.

More on Weinburg: http://techrights.org/2020/07/02/ddg-privacy-abuser-in-disguise/

I’ve seen a massive shift in SR when looking for specific things, anything against official narrative and conspiracy types of things. In fact, so much so that I thought I accidentally switched my default SE back to Goolag.

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Not sure but Jordan is Jack Posibiec(sp) type of conservative, beholden to Israel & most likely an Intel asset.

Be very careful with sharing his posts here.

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My only question is why would China want this revealed? If they’re legit blackmailing, wouldn’t they be keeping this under wraps?

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Please someone link to me actual proof this happened. All I’m seeing is the same copy/pasted article from Natural News and no source for this. Anyone got the source?

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Ummmm where in any of the linked articles is their proof this actually happened? I feel Ike this is a glowie post and all I find is CNN style “experts in the industry” who just happen to go unnamed say this and that but when you click the link it the same copy/pasted bs.

Mods this shit makes us look bad. Report.

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You guys have missed a major piece of news from last week where the military announced their own vaccine that is not mRNA based & creates full immunity across the sars spectrum.

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Yeah I see lots of people making excuses for ole Company Man Cruz, a true Bush Texas Conservative….problem is, he keeps on doing similar shit.

Yesterday he posted that they will impeach Biden when Repubs get control of Congress again. Ummm how about no.

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So I remember this clearly. This was supposedly military WH’s undercover as Antifa that broke into the offices to get the computers. Remember Pelosi’s missing laptop?

I can not verify or refute that nor yours but it’s a rabbit hole I’m willing to go into.

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