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You can take this image and put it into Google search and it will pull up the correct information on it

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first of all it was only 10 to 20,000 not 100 to 500,000 that is corrected if you follow down through the tweets. Second they are using a tweet about him saying he doesn't care about the Browning of America what matters is ideology. This specific organization is his ideology it's a Jewish organization and they even have anti-trafficking policy... but then if you keep reading it talks about him being an asset for Israeli intelligence. What is it two or three day rule give him time to respond and see what he says

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He's a world leader now what do you mean that didn't take long? You do realize that President Trump went there and spoke too right as a special guest? Jesus Christ people


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You don't want us to study Q's and Trump's secret language? You don't think that learning about cryptic symbols and their meaning is important? You think we are being ridiculous because we spend our time looking for clues and ciphers?

Well guess what...evidence that WE uncovered YEARS ago by analysing these special hidden forms of communications...is only hitting the world today because we forced it out into the open. You're so shocked to hear there is a massive, satanic, powerful group of pedophiles in the highest branches of our government, education and business institutions! You're so shocked to hear of the Biden family crimes. Yet somehow, you've already forgotten that we tried to tell you about all of this over 6 year ago, at which point you called us radical right extremists.

Even after seeing the Epstein releases, you still believe the media when they tell you that we're Nazis, (we are not). That we're terrorists, (we are not). That we're dangerous, crazy and that we're against you, (we are not).

You're still not putting it together.

We somehow know stuff years before it comes out on the news. Our multi year insistence on revealing this truth to the public is the only reason you know anything about it today. When are you going to understand that by us working to uncover the meaning of their cryptic symbols, the elite's child sex ring is being broken up!

We've crossed miles for you, spent thousands of hours of our free time for you, committed ourselves to fighting for you even though you jeered and beguiled us the entire way. We'd gladly do it again to protect our children.

Will you please get off your ass and move the inch it takes to understand and believe?

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OP.. I have learned with UNCONFIRMNED info don't post it here.. She clearly says and shows that you can't find anything on it she literally shows you that in the video so it's unconfirmed so don't bring it here only bring confirmed stuff here or you will get comments like you've gotten

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Anyone here heard anything about Miami and the massive police response that closed the airport shut off power to 60k homes and rhe whole mall??? Supposedly a group of juveniles fighting with sticks

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I shared in here earlier this year about the ummca. People are wondering how the va's role and how the migrants are getting this because this umcca is codified an our laws for them to get paid and it's a military program of course they're going to get VA benefits and of course it's going to be before our citizens and our military veterans because you know they're illegals and they matter more


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When are they going to understand we want Trump we don't want anybody else we don't want an idolized leftist actor we don't want another uniparty Republican we want Trump Trump's going to win

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