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Quote from 4chan


RvW dies and Rabbis tweet this is an infringement on Jews because abortion is required by Jewish law. EMJ retweets, so abortion is a Jewish sacrament and we’ve been living under jewish religious laws this whole time. Kvetching ensues. EMJ is anti-semetic. Shut it down. Oye vey. Listen to some of EMJs podcasts or read his books. He will set you up on the JQ if you care."

End of quote.

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Here are some good books about World War 2.

-The Bad War by MS King.

-Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger.

-Who Started World War 2?: A Collection of Essays and Articles on the origins of World War 2 with David Irving.

-A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Milford Goodsen.

Also read into JFK's diary and what he had to say about Hitler and read into what General Patton thought about Germany in World War 2.

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We need to bring back our small business and return to the traditional architecture that made our countries beautiful.

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Imagine not breastfeeding your child. Formula is literally a waste of money, you should be breastfeeding your child and taking vitamins, supplements, and eating the healthiest diet you possibly can. If you do not breastfeed your child their jaws will not fully develop and they can get crooked teeth, sleep apnea, and their hormones won't be optimized.

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Electric cars is just another form of control. With an electric car it will only drive you to government approved locations, will probably voice record you non-stop and drive you off a cliff for wrong think. That's if it does not catch on fire. I'll stick with my combustion engine.

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This does not look like we are winning to me. If this passes than I will lose faith that Q is going to save us.

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How many rapes have to occur before you start deporting illegal immigrants?

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If anyone sees my old comment I just want you to know it would be a good idea to buy Gamestop on the stock market right now if you have not already. They are primed for a short squeeze and next week might set it off. It's only $140 a share, if you have spare money around go ahead and get yourself as much as you want.

The short squeeze is going to push the price into millions of dollars for 1 share and people are not selling until the price gets that high and even higher. I'm telling you this because I would feel terribly sick if I missed out on this.

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unless these assjata are being sworn in over the Satanic Bible.

What is the Talmud, SuckaFree?

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“To communicate anything with a Goy (Gentile) about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.” -Libbre David 37

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