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You sure like saying "faggot" a lot. --Are you a faggot?

I mean, it is a common prevarication of pro shills masquerading as phony patriots who spend all day drowning research sites under tons of worthless, acerbic blather calculated to drive passers-by away.

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I discount your number 3 (which is invariably some variant of "haven't seen that evidence yet") because being "on point" in these matters is Dave's "one job". (And really, how can you not be aware of "The Mask" by now?)

There's a ton of hungry competition out there ready to take down old lions who falter.

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Yeah, it's totally a mystery why the mods don't jump and do whatever you shillpacks want. It must have been really nice back when you owned more, and could just make anyone go away. But the good news is, you can still do that on Twitter.

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I have many Litmus tests, but the major one I pay the most attention to is, "Why is this person continually not utilizing the most damning evidence available at each step?"

There are only two possible conclusions once this pattern is manifest:

  • Conscious controlled-opposition
  • Fell victim to propaganda dished by trusted confidants

There's no shame in the latter (because we've ALL been there), unless you never claw your way out.

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This guy doesn't personally "know" anything.

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The first month you listen to Ben, you're convinced he's a mad prophet. The second month, you're all lined up and ready to part with your money. Then, just as you're about to pull the trigger on BTC at $58K, you ask him a question in chat, and he goes into a ten-minute rant about hesitant "pussies".

Mind you now, this guy is charging $5/mo for Patreon access to "special" videos (half of which are videos by others embedded on his Patreon page but free on Youtube where they're linked from), and $1500 for "crypto-trading only" laptops that are $400 cheap-ass boxes shat out the door with nothing-special software -- and you have to ask yourself, "Why isn't this alleged truck-driver retired on a beach already?".

That's when it dawns on you that Ben just might be, shall we say, professionally engaged in "distribution". And BTC's chart pattern has got a "shits the bed soon" look all over it, as it still hasn't had a 50% Fib correction since its December blast-off.

I'm paying BB $5/mo just to read his email titles in my in-box (I don't bother watching the repetitive videos anymore) just because he's now an excellent "fade". He had FIVE emails outbound Wednesday AM & afternoon, while BTC was making the first half of this chart move (as you can see, it didn't end well).

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I do too, but... ....how can you not be aware of that blatantly and deliberately obvious "mask tell" by now? That Covid speech last week exist for no reason other than to permit normies to go "WTF!?" when the camera slowly zooms in on his lizard-molting eyes right at the moment when he's waving that damned face-mask in his hand.

They are literally informing the whole planet that this "president" is a facade.

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Aside from paying off the captain to ram his own ship in tight like that, I'm not so certain that that particular ship is so important. It's all the other ships currently being backed up, and "perishable cargos" hiding in containers aren't necessarily starving migrants.

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Your strategy is a great way to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Top half of his head is "crocodile", the lower half is "foam-rubber".

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Reddit is a complete waste of time now: any post containing links is automatically shadow-banned.

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Joe's freaky eyes approve of this message.

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The reason all of these videos have that robot-script voice is because they're cranked out by bots monetizing an extremely common search term. There are dozens of these accounts that create dozens of these videos every single day.

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It's too bad The Onion got woke.

All that wasted potential.

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It would help if he noticed Joe's freaky eyes. I mean, they're literally dick-slapping everyone now to clue them in.

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It's not just the MSM and alt-left sites, but also (and especially) the ostensibly "conservative" controlled-opposition gatekeepers who are entrusted by the DS to keep the really bad stuff off the air while everyone is directed into talking about pap.

For example, this very post will probably be downvoted for reminding everyone that Limbaugh shilled the Starr Report whitewash exonerating Bill Clinton in the death of his lawyer Vince Foster, a man last seen alive inside the White House.

The DS picks your heroes for you: childless, thrice-divorced "pro-family" conservatives, color-touched blondes with suspiciously large Adam's apples, purportedly reforming ex-pink-haired ex-homosexual neocons and their hordes of welcome-back-to-Jesus shill sycophants, Hollywood second-tier small-hats (who don't wear them), and those third-tier authors you're hearing of for the first time because they're getting fabulous book-deals while everyone around them is being censored into oblivion.

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He looks like a 60's long-haired hippie boomer (99% chance he has a government or academic parasite job) trying to look salt-of-the-earth by dressing working-class with a cap. But he couldn't be bothered to tuck that fucking hair.

The autist army will have the goods on him soon enough.

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Rush was control-opposition who kept discussion of the Vince Foster murder off the air during the Clinton administration.

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NoNameCommunist wrote: "saying his cranium is smaller is not verifiable from two photos"

I've been watching that shitweasel for forthy years. I know the difference between the real thing (a tired old evil SOB), and a spry body-double/actor at least twenty years younger, and a dissembling internet shill who missed his calling defending Bill Clinton on Usenet in the 1990s.

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"sorry to burst your bubble but...."

Well hello there, Mr. Shill activated after three months..

"the differences in these photos can be contributed to plastic surgery"

Including his cranium getting smaller?

<vaudeville hook>

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Scouring the Shire has to wait until Mordor is scoured.

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Nobody has seen the original Biden since before the previous election campaign even began.

(Finding the last appearance of the former would be instructive.)

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