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Let's get more on this before we run with this, OP. Sorry thanks for understanding

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LOL, I just checked your post history and, Holly mother of God, I caught ANEMIA looking at you. I'd happily sticky YOUR posts, but, ughhhhh...

See you in a couple days

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Dan did not post it with the Q, obviously... 🚨this was EDITED

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It still says "Guam m" on the other side, tho, so

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Why is this stickied?? I didn't press the sticky button.... This guy's massive testicles did.

Don't miss:


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They scheduled an eclipse for the event, too, dastardly, eh

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I want to deck anyone that frequents this board AND ever goes to Walmart, FFS

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I like this as well, but, IMO, if the ultimate end goal is a blockchain voting system (and Trump last night said PAPER ballots are the way), a whole lot more has to be revealed/made public to reach the support levels necessary to facilitate such a "protocol level' change in our democracy

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👆 This isn't a shill. This is a pissed off frog who's bringing up good points. And y'all on both sides are doing a great job skating your feelings to the line/edge of the sidebar.

Ya love to see it

You have our support, all of the you. Keep your edges sharp and swords pointed towards the Enemy, boys. Some good work, here.

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Stickied because Q never perdicted nuthin'

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They're not being allowed. They're being arrested left and right. It won't end until the TOP is exposed. This takes time.

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EYES ON. Research, fine, but grief OP at your peril. Ban hammer is twitchy after a huge influx of tards past few days. Let's goooo

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Why is this stickied?? UGH. Get it out of your systems, bois. UAP MEGA-THREAD.

Real reason... Our most sold Q researchers have some solid indications that the "UFO scare" is what's next. So, hoping that gets discussion in this thread, too.

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Stickied. We love and support our frogs. Each of us have our unique crosses to bear. You're doing a great job and trying your best, pede. 🐸

Happy birthday

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