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Why is it that every "muh cringe" post we get comes from no-lift losers with anemic post histories?

Take a week to ponder why you're here, fren (or, do the usual and reply with "get fucked kike joo bastards" and be on your way, permanently, your call)

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I was once into salt water aquariums and it's kinda not like tgatu? But this is good all the same

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WHY IS THIS STICKIED?? Because the idea that we are violent (or about to be) is a joke! The only "POP-POP-POP!" you FBI/CIA mockingbird false fags are ever going to hear from us will come from the gazillion metric fuck-ton of microwave bags of popcorn popping while we watch your monkeypox-infested deep state butts land in jail! LOSERS!

The joke here is that I took my copy of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged m down to Mar-a-Lago to have it signed. The plot of the book is pretty kooky and hard to imagine ever happening. From Wikipedia:

The book depicts a dystopian United States in which private businesses suffer under increasingly burdensome laws and regulations.

Ha! Ha! Couldn't happen here, hey?

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OOH! OOH! I can answer this one! This is the BEST. Trump and Nancy negotiated that Trump would send her an advance copy of the SOTU speech, but he deviated from it. Remember him laughing at their exiense? "You weren't supposed to clap, there!" Trump played them, embarrassed them, and Nancy was pissed.... That's why she tore the speech. She was saying, "Here's what Trump's word means!"

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He makes a dozen accounts per day, writes long, schizophrenic missives filled with the strangest threats, seethe and cope. He's already the mod team's bitch, but, sadly, our mods are too good. His epic comments never see the light of day, here, just when the extra entertaining ones like this come out

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