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Did you see the mugshot of Mayor Diblasio’s daughter? The antifa/ rainbow flag is a 1:1. So many of the arrested rioters had some sort of child abuse charge in the past.

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It’s fine. Hannity won’t let him speak anyways.

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Exactly. Repenting from the GWagon

She should open up a fund to help other young women get off only fans and remove their tatoos also.

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Let’s hope all BRICS nations follow. These NGOs are set up by the west and only serve the interest of western nations.

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And get girls out of boys sports, and get females out of mens locker rooms.

Yes Talking about sports reporters. And those girl kickers on football teams. This BS has gone on for way too long on both sides.

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He’s got that Mo the bartender look

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Been hearing that for 6 years. - Doomer by day

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I notice the college and fraternity of everyone attacking Potus. It’s almost always Harvard Princeton Yale. But mostly Harvard. Laura ingraham has warned for years about the Ivy leagues being a den of marxists. I think she’s right.

Alvin Bragg went to Harvard. So did Jackie Reid.

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Paraphrasing here but in an early tupac video he addressed this. He said why would we want to defund the police? The criminals everyone is looking for live right in these same buildings other black folks are living in. They actually need to police.

Also I have noticed a lot of “look at these negros fighting” type videos. Others have pointed this fact out on Twitter. It’s not organic. This country focuses on that minority within that minority and makes it seem like 90%, again…… it can’t all be organic.

PS; the black elite are hard core Marxist and they hate black conservatives. It would be nice if the maga crowd understood how difficult it is to be a black conservative. How many decades has Charles Barkley been ridiculed for being an open Republican. It’s hard out here.

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I see two single moms with Munchausen by proxy

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