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While you’re right. The question is placed in the scope to trap Muslims who say No to the question. Because Muslims are supposed to worship every act, step and breath Muhammad took, it highlights their hypocrisy and ignorance of their own faith

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rape and pillaging of Israel's enemies was this before or after Jesus?

Jesus said to judge righteously and to hate evil and to rebuke Satan. By your standards we should condone murder because we are supposed to love them. Do you still love your daughter or son even if they are addicted to drugs yes, do you want them to OD on Drugs. Well according to you...also Yes. According to Jesus No.

Sin is to reject the gospel when you hear it.

The texts are not perfect and have been heavily perverted over the years. <--- thats also not true

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What is the origin of Islam? You fail to address what Im trying to get you to address. The people in the Mid East Long before Muhammad worshiped a Moon god called Allah.

People in Europe worshiped a Sun god called Akbar. Long before Arabic was a language.

Then comes False prophet Muhammad who unified them by tawhid. You have to go way back in history to find out why people were worshiping gods based off their climates.

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Do your research on Muslims who've left the faith. The progression goes like this

Muslim > skeptic > Atheist/Agnostic > Catholic (If they still aren't willing to accept the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ, because they are stuck in the Muslim mind state that youve got to put your faith/worship in man) > To evangelical Christian once they believe Christ actually was killed and rose.

Evangel synonymizes in Arabic as Injîl. Injîl to Muslims will destroy their families reputation as kaffirs.

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You've obviously never read the Quran which states to kill everyone who is a non believer. Non believer is not ascribing to the worships of the Moon god which was unified from Pagan Sun and Moon gods. Which was created to obfuscate the single greatest event in human history. The resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus never started a religion. Man did. Man created Buddhism, Catholicism (which is not Christian because they blaspheme Jesus daily), Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, etc. Christian means you follow Christ. Following Chirst means you dont subscribe to a religion. That includes all the former and other man made religions like baptist, methodist, presbyterian, etc.

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Im going to tell you this because I love you.

Don't, under any circumstances, trust this board for a quick buck. You going to run into someone who'll try and influence your decisions by suggestion. Post a pic here and there of market values with no context.

Be very careful

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Peter was buried in Jerusalem.

If Peter was a Catholic why did he call himself a christian?

Also we dont read other book and add them to scripture. Rev: 22:18-19

Peter isnt the Rock Jesus is the Rock.

“In 1953, two Franciscan monks discovered hundreds of 1st century ossuaries stored in a cave on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem. The archaeologists claimed to have discovered the earliest physical evidence of a Christian community in Jerusalem, including some very familiar Biblical names. The name inscribed on one ossuary read: "Shimon Bar Yonah" - Simon, the Son of Jonah, the original Biblical name of the Disciple Peter. However, several scholars, both Protestant and Catholic, disputed that the tomb belonged to Peter, one of the reasons being that there was no inscription referring to him as "Cefa" or "Peter".

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Religion of peace. He would have still done it even if she was 4 years old.

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Muhammad couldn't read or write. The whole problem is that Islam was dictated to scribes then when it was being compiled they were burning texts and leaving out things they felt didnt shine a good light on Muhammad.

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Israel is the Jewish State.

Islam was created to make an Arab state, under sharia law. the elimination of the jews and christians is how you set up the caliphate.

Islams first target was Christian States. Now they need the Jewish State.

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Because Islam wants the Jews and Christians dead and they are super close... like right next door. Look at all the Muslim countries who used to be Christian. Then Islam came in and threatened everyone. The Christians gave in because of the Catholic Church and other reasons. But the Jews never stopped fighting.

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