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Meme-muse…I’ll take it. Tear it up and I’ll disseminate to my 50 Twatter followers 😺😺😺😺😺

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Remember how Twitter employees were asking for $15k to verify people? I wonder what they were charging for access to child sexual abuse material?

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I repeatedly asked my Sister, “Wow, stage 4 and she’s SO FIT…how could this have possibly happened?”

She doesn’t drink or smoke. WTF. Seriously. I’m devastated and so is her family.

…the end isn’t for everybody…

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Worldwide, brother. We ALL should give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁

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Everyone is a conservative in my immediate family. In-laws triple vaxxed and on the Fox bullshite RE Trump needs to step aside for a more palatable Republican.

Dad - just had his Afib due to blood clots shocked back to normal; you guessed it: triple vaxxed.

Sister just told me her 46yo SIL was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer - out of no where (triple vaxxed). My triple vaxxed pharmacist sister is shocked and can’t believe all the people with serious health issues immediately in her circle.

Does this count as “the end won’t be for everyone”? …when Died Suddenly starts knocking on your door.

None of it will be discussed. No connections made. Maybe just the fact that “S” was just diagnosed while my FIL receives treatment for HIS stomach cancer (existed pre-Covid but also triple vaxxed)

…can someone pass the 🍷???

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Ok, ready for this one:

My Dad, whose never been in the hospital in his live was just admitted for blood clots which caused Afib. He’s out but now has Afib; they need to shock his heart back into rhythm.

My FIL’s cancer has exploded and he is now taking chemo (which he said he never would) - we will probably have one last Christmas with him.

My BIL has heart problems

My 40-YO SIL will never have children. She had a tumor the size of a soccer ball removed from her ovaries and one ovary removed completely.

My Sister is a pharmacist - enough said


NO ONE has connected any of their new-ish ailments to the vaccine. We warned them all of the potential dangers of an untested vaccine. They ALL took three doses anyway.

We’ve been “the conspiracy theorists” for decades. Warning them about Epstein, the elite, population control, Republicans who were compromised, Agenda 2030, etc.

Now, they will pay the ultimate price - out of complete fear; when they are all Christian and believers in Christ, they still chose fear!! In fact, their 501c3 church peddled in it!

After watching this documentary, I almost feel like it’s a foregone conclusion. Pine needle tea and Vitamin D ain’t gonna bring their immune systems back!!

God please wrap your healing arms around my family and the families who are suffering from this evil depopulation agenda. I never, in my whole conspiracy life, thought I would be faced with the complete decimation of the people I have been warning for DECADES. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Ikr, what can we send to people who already took the poison? Not this.

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I’ve thought this too. “We have it all”. I believe “The Show” started on Inauguration Day.

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I have thought this as well - and made the same deduction. How do you introduce evidence…but turned on its head.

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Nothing has been more obvious since Fox started peddling Ron over DJT; and normie republicans agreed with it…en masse! They’re poisoning the well and dividing MAGA. Don’t let them!

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The articles of Confederation were adopted on Nov 15th, 1777

“Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”

Library Of Congress

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President Trump was golfing in his “Welcome Back” shotgun tournament at Trump International before the wedding.

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