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France 1914: 41.5 millions inhabitants. 1.4 million French soldiers died. France won.

WW2. May 1939. In one month more than 100,000 French soldiers died.

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Russian forces captured 2 Azov fighters. It is well documented that Azov battalion are Nazis (Who NATO trained for many years). A pistol is provided to the captured Azov fighter and he is told that if he executes the other Azov member, his life will be spared. He points the weapon at the other captured Azov fighter and pulls the trigger, but the chamber is empty (which was not known to him). The background voice , who is most probably The People's of Donetsk or Lugansk Republics fighter asks the one who pulled the trigger a question. He asked: "What are you fighting for? if you are ready to kill each other to save yourself."

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🔴 info flash: very tense situation at 1:30 p.m. on the Arc de Triomphe and Place d'Italie in #Paris where, despite the police roadblocks, #ConvoiDeLaLiberte and #GiletsJaunes protesters managed to get through.

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Thank you for this Tribute to Professor Montagnier, Penisse.

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Not a single word in the major French media.

Only the patriotic media announce his death.

Let us remember his last words: "Unjabbed are the guardians of human kind".

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In fact, it is about one hour and 40 minutes of precise and documented accusations concerning :

Van der Leyen, Merkel, Macron, Bush, Biden, French ministers and members of parliament, French politicians, MSM, members of the european parliament, Institut Pasteur, Vanguard Group, FDA, Rothschild, Rockfeller, Gates, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, etc, etc, etc.

They used VIABLES aborted children in their experiments!!!

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Gendarmes equipped with assault rifles (FAMAS) and RAID (Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion commonly abbreviated RAID, an elite tactical unit of the French National Police).

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I can't believe it. Macron is a synthesis of all the defects of globalist malfeasance

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