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In the late 1800’s, the Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia proclaimed the existence of a botanical-based remedy for smallpox. During this time, Herbert Miles, the Assistant Surgeon to the Royal Artillery, reported that during an outbreak of smallpox “an old squaw going amongst them, and treating the cases with (a botanical) infusion…was so successful as to cure every case”. This botanical infusion was later described as being derived from the carnivorous plant, Sarracenia purpurea [1], [2].

more, including linq for ordering @ https://www.katedalleyshow.com/show-topics/where-to-get-saracena-purpurea-for-small-pox/

’The extract blocks early transcription appearing to have a distinct mechanism of action from that of two other antivirals currently in clinical trials,’ says Mark Buller, a virologist at Saint Louis University, Missouri, US. ’The results are very compelling, and support the need to further evaluate the purified active ingredient in small animal studies.’

’With smallpox, it is obviously impossible to see if this herb is effective in the human body unless a bioterror release of the virus occurs,’ says Langland. ’We are in the process of doing animal studies to confirm our results in at least this type of whole animal system.’

Source: March 21, 2012 - https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/rediscovered-native-american-remedy-kills-poxvirus/3003420.article

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I copied the whole post and am sharing on 6 other forums. Thank you.

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FYI, in most places within this species' range, it is threatened and/or protected. Please don't go and dig them up, both for your sake if you get caught, and the plant's sake!

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I bet it will grow fine amongst my girls.

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I wonder how long it would take to scale up agriculture of this plant. I guess there isn't enough of it to treat lots of people now and as u/bcfromfl points out, it's threatened in some areas in the wild.

wetsock 3 points ago +3 / -0

As a carnivorous plant fanatic, it is pretty common and popular among collectors.

It requires constant moist and nutritionally poor soil.

Takes a very long time to grow to a decent size, but it utilizes seeds and rhizomes to spread.

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It requires constant moist and nutritionally poor soil.

That would suit my soggy garden!

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I thought this smallpox thing was just a PSYOP.. just more fear tactics? Man I can't keep up with it all. I hope that Emily Rainey is correct.

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Unless they have changed the smallpox virus the older generation should be safe. However I don’t put anything past these evil people. I’m 54 & have the scar. Of course I don’t remember getting vaccinated or the scab.

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More info about treating smallpox naturally. Always double check the source of the information! Don’t just take one “experts” word! I started searching for more information on this post, treating with PURPLE PITCHER PLANT Northern Sarracenia Purpurea. Probably because I shop on Etsy a lot those links popped up first for me. (I do buy herbal tinctures on Etsy after researching the seller.)

Looks like there’s other treatments for smallpox also. I have not researched throughly, it appears smallpox is in the Herpes family. I have been getting fever blisters since childhood and sun poison since teens. I like the idea Yarrow is an option, it’s not an endangered plant.


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American Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated and Descriptive Guide to Plants Indigenous to and Naturalized in the United States which are Used in Medicine - by Charles Millspaugh, 1892

He gives some details about the preparation. It uses chopped roots in alcohol, left to steep in a cool, dark place for 8 days. Pages 70-75.

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what is the active ingredient ?

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At the bottom of description.


Ingredients: Sarracenia Purpurea

I don’t understand this because herbal/plant tinctures or extracts are made with either Vodka or Ever Clear alcohol. Most reputable companies offer alcohol free, made with glycerine.

References: plant medicine ingredients listed and origin of plant.

See this company, Menu Alcohol or non alcohol. (They have a lot of products but not Sarracenia Purpurea)


This is a reputable company also. I don’t order from their site because they are normally out of stock. Many places sell this company online and local.


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Before you purchase natural medicine and supplements please investigate the manufacture. I can only find, this is made in India. I’ve been researching and learning plant medicine going on five years or more. (Lost track of years) Advice experts give, learn the source! Many experts that I’ve followed & in FB Groups don’t recommend products made in India. I understand USA FDA isn’t the most reliable either. I don’t buy from someone if they don’t reveal the source of the plant. Getting herbs/plants from China and India can be risky. https://m.indiamart.com/sbl-private-limited/aboutus.html