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Spreading information is the key

If you spark the flame in others, they will be fueled with the will to spread the information more

People will act on their own accord

We are winning

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A lot of people on tiktok actually know what is up

I was surprised to see how many 16-30 year olds post content pointing out what is going on

The people know

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It was a holiday to entice pagans to follow Christianity

A celebration of His birth

It has to do with Christ

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This is the most common misconception I see.

Christmas what put in place by Constantine of Rome. It was an attempt to persuade pagans to worship Christianity instead of persecuting the holidays that pagans already celebrated.

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I get it, point is, Hitler had no intentions of coming west

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Right, but the biggest issue was that nationalistic and fascist countries were joining together to defeat communism in their countries

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Hitler had 0 intentions of messing with the US.

His hand was forced due to the war pact with Japan.

Japan bit us since we continued to fuck with their operations (I wonder why), despite claiming we were "neutral".

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USSR was far greater an issue during WWII.

Churchill actually admired what Hitler was doing for his country.


He was a supporter of fascism through the war.

The issue at hand was Germany's defeat at the hand of Britain after WWI. Germany was crippled by the Treaty of Versailles and forced to pay for the war. Territory was taken away and Germams were trapped in countries that were no longer Germany's. White Christians were persecuted by Communist groups and murdered in the millions.

Hitler yoinked Germany out of the poverty and decadence of post WWI Germany and went on a mission to recaputer the land taken from Germany. He put the entire country on steroids, bolstered infrastructure, lowered poverty, removed the effect of inflation, created a reliable and cheap car, broke the county from the central bank and created his own currency backed by labor. He also pushed to take countries that were at risk for being taken by the USSR. Keep in mind that at the same time, the USSR was pushing west and taking a lot of land and was a huge threat given their history of persecution.

You can argue that the geolocation of Germany threatened Britain and this persuaded Churchill to act, but he did in fact have some admiration for what Hitler was doing for Germany.

Effectively, it was a choice between communism and fascism. Given communisms track record of death, I would have gone with allying Italy and Germany.

The US is still dealing with the fallout of communism and subervsion. People have moved away from God, lost discipline and became slaves to freedom. You can see it now, more than ever. We observe people rejecting the basis of nature in favor of a fantasy utopia. Going against nature is very dangerous.

There is also the concept of Jewish control and the oddly high representation of Jews in bolshevism during the Red Revolution in Russia, but it is very hard for people to open their mind to that.

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Fuck Churchill

He is a great contributor to why we are here

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The Balfour Declaration?

You mean the one signed right at the time the US entered the war while Germany was holding strong?

I am noticing a pattern here...

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Watching covid closely since I am in healthcare. The lockdowns did it for me. I lost my job because I had a cold and it was easier to find someone new than wait the 2 weeks it would take for me to "quarantine" and then maybe a few more days to retest.

CARES act was there to subsidize income lost due to COVID (staying home, testing, quarantine). A nice little clause in there excluded healthcare workers.

That slapped me hard in the face.

Lockdowns gave me time to think. Small businesses were shut in while big corps raked in millions of dollars. You should see the state of NYC. It seemed so intentional.

I also followed China's numbers for infections and noticed how horribly skewed they were. I connected the dots when I noticed how we were right at the cusp of the election. I didn't follow politics that much. I had mixed opinions on Trump, but didn't really care. I did know how hard he pressed China. It was the perfect plan. Cripple the US economy, snuff the election, put in your candidate. You also have that China was the only country with positive GDP in 2020. It was just too obvious if you paid attention.

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Holy shit. What an absolute shit show that was. Anita Sarkeesian was the most annoying blip in the community at the time.

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As a carnivorous plant fanatic, it is pretty common and popular among collectors.

It requires constant moist and nutritionally poor soil.

Takes a very long time to grow to a decent size, but it utilizes seeds and rhizomes to spread.

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