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Also, there is no one else on the planet with that last name.

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I stand corrected! I oogled the name and all I got was this arsehole, James. I did try to find his parents or relatives with that name with 0 success. But obviously I did not look well enuff. Thanks fren

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We dug extensively on VOAT.. definitely a Pedo Operation.. his whole crew is involved.. also the Clowns In Action

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Look into the Pizza PAC... how James Alefantis was on the top 100 list of the most influential people in DC... the late night all ages music shows (Heavy Breathing/Majestic Ape)... Pegasus Museum...

It's all so fucked up.

One of my discoveries on Voat resulted in an almost instantaneous modification of the Google Street view imagery. They actually deleted images from Google's street view from the house directly in front of Pegasus Museum that had "Kids" with an arrow pointing to it, and a clear image of a woman bringing a little girl into the house.

Within 24 hours of posting to Voat, all of those street view images were gone.

Archived findings/images: https://searchvoat.co/v/pizzagate/2321236

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Have you not seen Fall of the Cabal? They go over this. https://blurredconsent.com/the-fall-of-the-cabal-full-series-1-10/

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Absolutely, “The Fall of the Cabal” series does a good job of outlining how Alefantis is an illegitimate Rothschild. Well worth the watch.

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"Mouthy Buddah" is a good one too

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Good luck posting stuff about this guy. When I try it is like an internet black hole. Either here or on gab.

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They are wiping the bad guys digital footprint everywhere....

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His mother is a Rothschild.

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