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Watch the video,, he is trolling false info / MSM

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Geo Engineering..

For New Ice Age???

Like they talked about in the 70’s??

Make it so people can’t go people can’t go off Grid?

No one knows,, but is Sinister AF.

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It has been Crazy, in SoCal, as well. I would say for about 2 years we had beautiful blue skies again.. I would always say.. not ChemTrail in the sky..

Last few days... It has been crazy.. I have never seen so many.. Sky is currently Grey . Now we know where those Trillions went..

As to your pigeon theory .. 100% .

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Or Travis Scott.. aka.. Tavistock ??? He had no parents, only a Ghetto Grandma..

(Personally I think his whole family are Crack Heads... raised by granny,. Because his real parents were MIA... then she let (((them))) do MK experiments & paid Granny in Rocks

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Sesame Street has always been a CIA MK Ultra program directed at kids..

Oscar the Grouch is a literal Junk..ie

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You guys know this satanic fuck, Market’s specifically to kids.. Mc’ Ds menu .. Fortnite Astro World concert & skins...

My young son knew all about Travis Scott,, Years Ago.

He has since deleted all his Travis Scott (things) since finding out about the horror show..

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That’s a wall of text I want to Read, can you please respond..

So I can read it over coffee,,. I am about to fall asleep.. TY

(All do respect) I am serious

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Green Bay is God’s team..

Hopefully this is another chapter in the Great Awakening.

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Awakening is realizing the Truth.

Christ was and is the Living Truth.

When the light switch flipped (9/11 was an inside job, years ago)

I have been a Warrior for God Christ and Truth,.

Ever since.

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Macro to Micro. As Above as Below. Inner and Outer.

Sacred Geometry.

nanotech SPACETECH

I had a crazy premonition,,. After I declined to sell my soul,,. Aka. Shake the Hand, that Shook the Hand, of P.T. Barnum & Uncle SAMeul

God showed me the decent of angles, down a spiraled staircase DNA,. After the Jester spilled wine/blood in the Well... Crazy stuff,. but it made so much sense at the time.

God pretty much showed me the test of Everything.

Life is a Test, we Request the Universe.

B.asic /. . I.nstrictions/. . B.efore/.. L.eaving/... E.arth/..

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1,000 pieces and thrown into the wind,,.

(To scatter and never be put back together again)

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The Great Awaking.... We took over See Eye A ,.

Virginia is Red,. Dismantling the Deep State..

“It had to be this way”

For people to Wake the Fuck UP!

We are just way ahead of the curve,,. It gets alot of US frustrated,, that others can’t see,,. The way WE do.

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Let’s Go Brandon..

Honestly,, I think tonight. Is the Official beginning ,, of the Great Awakening,., of the Massive

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Putin = Based.

My thoughts for over 10 years.. since he blessed the orthodox Russian Church.

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