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These characters are definitely the weinsteins brothers.

The story for that episode is south park is cancelled, but then the boys go out with the alien brother who do spacd cocaine and fuck space hookers befor being photographed sucking each others dick.

The boys use the picture to blackmail the alien weinstein brothers back onto having a show. Season 7 "Cancelled"

My assumption is Matt and Trey were hinting at a true story.

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things you are DEFINITELY taught in school:

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. SPACE / Big Bang / Globe
  3. Holocaust
  4. White man bad
  5. Dems arent racist, Republicans are
  6. Soon to be gender studies

It seems like a carefully made deception thats being going on since before the printing press. They own the press, but the internet is the last bastion of hope.

If everything in this world is inverted, wouldnt they alsoblie about the shaoe of the realm you live in? True mental slavery is when you are a cosmic coicidence shat out by pure luck compared to a child of god mindset.

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Vaced hate trump. By trump endorsing vaccines it causes cognitive dissonance.

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People need to flip on pharma before they will ever flip on trump

By trump endorsing vaccines it causes the brainwashed to secretly not like vaccines. This continues with deaths until the vaccinated blame trump for the deaths.

Its a step in the righr direction. Growing pains hurt

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-already invented

-bait big pharma

-cause lib confusion

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Libs hate trump. By taking credit for vax it will ultimately help normies flip on pharma, which is a step in the right direction.

These folks need microdoses of red pills.

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Time to pack it up and go get the jab gg folks


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Reminder to ignore you the next time you talk, "Whitehousedog" People who talk before thinking or verifying are dangerous.

If the mark of an educated mind is thw ability to entertainna thought witbout accepting it, then the mark of an idiotic mind is one doesnt even entertain thoughts and discourages others from thinking. 10 upvotes to your post is depressing as well, i expect more from this community.

Shape up folks.

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Only gematria worth watching is marty leeds talk on christ.

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Joy b. Is a horrible human. Who would want to see her on tv? Why does she get to play a role? Who is she married to? Do talentless hoes who are connected to money rule our social circles? What is royalty? What is a cunt?

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I think since it happens within a second of a cut to another camera that this could be compression related.

Now that biden microphone boom crap thats odd af

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My theory is the first comers all got placebos for being good little sheep and free advertising.

The rest roll the dice. Some special saline rounds for high status folks.

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Rogan... dude who hung out with alex jones before he was popular and also rogan had a tv show before he was even popular.

Media asset.

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Now that you mention it shes a lot like Alex Jones. Maybe not controlled opposition but endorsed clownism

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