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Leigh Dundas, Miki Klann and Ron Watkins speak out to the Scottsdale Unified School District in Scottsdale Arizona.

During the meeting, Miki and Ron declared their intention to file a claim against the Governor's surety bond on behalf of the SUSD board members.

Each member of the board were charged with practicing medicine without a license, child abuse, segregation and inappropriate sexual material in the school libraries.

In order to resolve the problem, the board members must:

  • Remove all mask mandates and recommendations
  • Remove all "experimental treatment" clinics and recommendations
  • Discontinue the Critical Race Theory and GLSNEN.org agendas
  • Remove all inappropriate sexual material from the libraries
  • Greenburg must resign

Miki served each board member with 10 letters of intent by 10 different parents. Each claim carries a liability of up to 100K - this means each board member carries a total liability of $1 million in the event that the claims are filed.

Now the board members have 5 days to rectify the situation or the parents of SUSD will file the claim against them.


Website: www.BondsForTheWin.com Telegram: https://t.me/bondsforthewin

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I like to think of lesbian relationships as therapy.

Theres a saying in the community, "second dates a uhaul" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-Haul_lesbian

The earnestness to get intona relationship is the yearning for imtimacy while negating the natural path in front of them.

The reason is because a part of their mind is literally PTSDd when it thinks about touching a male. Hard to get a lady boner in that circumstance. Females dont give them that instant repulsion and they carry out their intamacy needs. Its a defense mechanism enabled by truamatic emotions that prevent the logical mind from fixing itself.

Have you ever seen a dog that liked males more than females or vice versa? Its like that. Get burnt by hot stove dont touch hot stove again.

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I mean kind of beats me you have that One document she signed off on that had an article referencing lowering the age of consent down to 12.

She went to Cornell which is an ivy league school was in phi bettta cappa oldest fraterntiy in usa. Then she went to harvard, transferred to Columbia both also ivy league schools. Finished things up by volunteering at the ACLU. Its safe to say she was in the thick of it.

Pedo? Idk, i haven't researched this lady but i would assume that she associstes with pedophiles due to the people shes surrounded by.

She also wanted to remove legal efinitions of man and woman paving way for same sex or intersex? Or trans imaginary bullshit people? (An attack on marriage or even natural reproduction)

Her husband also went to cornell and harvard

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Love you too eh? I like to join fights on local news channels. Try to give yall some love on those CTV propganda videos. WWG1WG1

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Side note, it would be fun to create an ooen source dating site where very simple astrology concepts are used to match based off of a small amount of attraction criteria: physical (mars), emotional (moon), pleasure(venus) communication (mercury). Have a large non liabilty contract to sign. Use at your own risk etc.

Also make it not so soul destroying. Dont sell out to match/chelsea clinton. If it becomes popular id suspect a child trafficking case to magically appear to negatively attract attetuon to try to take the site down.

Why does match own all the dating apps. Weird AF. My guess is they have a network kf most attractive people which makes controlling simps easier if you can find talent and beauty easier? Also prevent dissent by said talented folks. I hate american idol

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100% of the organic lesbians ive met had sexual trauma that kind of galvanized their outlook on life. A high fraction of those women are addicted to meth or are on perscribed Adderal imo for depression. These folks need love more than anybody. Id assume same goes for organic gay men.

Organic is a term I use to seperate gay people who came out when they were "kids/teens" vs older folks who are just expiramenting and whores.

What we all should be doing is calling out the pedos like the pedo hunters on Youtube. The one guy even had a PS5 shirt. Just need to hand out antiparasitics.

This is how you make a real difference. Confront the evil children fuckers. Give them ivermectin. We literally need to purge these inner demons that they have.

Pedo vs Pred Sony Executive https://youtu.be/14INdlFIe-k

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Its like we are watching a "CIA color revolution" Where the CIA is using its social connections for good and to unbrainwash folks. Question is, is it forced or voluntary?

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Very interesting delta. If RBG got proofed then other scotus should proofed imo. That Proof also says, "RBG Next" which imploes additoonal SCOTUS after RBG.


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Hodgkinson had participated in the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign during the 2016 United States presidential election, and was described by a fellow campaigner in Iowa as a "quiet guy, very mellow, very reserved".[54][56]

Republican Congressman Mike Bost, who represents Hodgkinson's home district, said Hodgkinson had contacted his office ten times, but "never with any threats, only anger".[54][57]

He wrote 27 letters to the editor of the Belleville News-Democrat between March 2008 and September 2012 on various political and economic topics, many of which were anti-Republican.[58]

On May 22, Hodgkinson wrote "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co." above his repost of a Change.org petition demanding "the legal removal" of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for "treason". He belonged to numerous political Facebook groups, including those named "Terminate the Republican Party", "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Republicans", and "Donald Trump is not my President."[59]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which took over the investigation, said on June 14 that it was too early to ascribe a motive for the shootings.[4] It put out a request for public assistance with "any information regarding Hodgkinson".[50]

On June 16, USA Today reported, citing an anonymous source, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found a list of names, including those of Republican Congressmen Mo Brooks, Jeff Duncan and Trent Franks, in Hodgkinson's pocket.[60]

On June 21, FBI agent Timothy Slater said the names of six congressmen were written on a piece of paper found in an Alexandria storage locker rented to Hodgkinson. He said it did not appear to be a hit list, and that its significance was unclear.[61][62]

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Get Covid, get 2 weeks off. Some states have halfed the duration But still get covid get 1 week PTO Also nown switching to tests that I believe will return less false positives, Antigen compared to PCR. So theyre trying to rampit down for corporations but keept it there so the sheep continue to get free PTO and stay brainwashed or at the very least, Convienienced.

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A video i attempted to see better around christmas last year. Definitely odd explosion. Aplogies for stupid music.


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Im not sure what I did to get the labeling and personal insults other than attack your beloved celebrities I guess. Looking at your post history you dont seem to be a shill but darned if your posts today dont have a hint of shillness to it.

We are to be independent thinkers, yet you are over here calling me paranoid, a person who bought GME and believe folks are eating babies calling me too paranoid is comical.

Your response is just odd in the context of thise place and Ill assume that it was the Elon part that got you going. We will have to agree to disagree. 😚

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Its not paranoia, its my gut. Theres a big difference between the two.

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Like rogan imo. Its good to see but I keep staring at them like the futurama fry meme.

Elon too. "Celebrities" who dont get "cancelled" imo are directed to play a role.

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Nah just a hobbyist watching from afar, waiting for stuff like Dall-e to come out so we all can start generating dank memes from language input.

Language driven art powered by a GAN is just a beautiful thing to play with. Pretty sure life is some sort of advanced GAN.

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