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Name checks out !

(and a very spiffy example of it !)

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"Replace Israel with Palestine. Do you say the same argument then?"


Is that not what the whole "Great Awakening" is about ?

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Have you had your PC tested for COVID ?

Has your PC had it's booster?

Book today and receive a free MicroPenisFlu themed mousepad.

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Beef, 100% indictment frozen, Slab O' Beef.

Edit:- I like that I know what you mean by "wwhhhhhoooooaaaaaa Hillary"

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Really ?

If true, I am disappointed biggly.

If you are right I am going to run with the leftist screed of "Oh, this is fake but accurate."

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Well said by you also. I am definitely for that right out of the gate.

The ones who don't meet the burden of proof for the rope or jail for 30 years get to change their names and pretend they have been golf-caddies their whole lives.

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It's worse than that, she sells stickers that "resonate" at specific hertz levels to be worn (one reads bitch) and "psychic vampire spray" just for starters.


She makes regular crystal hippies look like aeronautical engineers and test pilots.

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Freestyle, break it down !

https://yandex.com/, https://www.mojeek.com/, https://metager.org/, https://searx.neocities.org/, https://lite.qwant.com/, https://www.metacrawler.com/

Also, run your own search engine :- https://yacy.net/

Edit:- Yacy is returning hits on defunct blogs from 2012 as opposed to 50 pages of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FactCheck, VerifyThis, VanityFair, Time, Vox, ScienceToday, RollingStone Magazine, Dickipedia (-hat tip Elon).

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I want Clint Eastwood's empty chair to represent me, not as a reference to Obama, but as my actual preference for the chair, ......... which is empty.

Edit:- Downvote, but the chair really does align with my core values, just like the tag line. It cuts a fine figure too.

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It would be larger than her body then because she is a mosquito.

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100 %.

My woman is intelligent, has pattern recognition and is such a good writer with so voluminous a vocabulary she could write a new declaration of independence.

I seek her input, not just listen when it is offered.

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Yeah, GTFO.

That (request) is the Captain's job and this literal retard, whose IQ is commensurate with a stick in a bucket of pig swill, could not fly a greasy stick up a dog's ass.

Really! She is dumb as fuck and a grifter beyond the bounds of reason.

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The medical industry, as we know it, is dead.

When the cures start breaking and it becomes known just how fucking devoid of rational thought, pattern recognition, initiative, studiousness, understanding and drive doctors have been, their opinions won't be worth a pinch of shit.

They wore and pushed masks as if their intelligence level was "simple" and maybe they should be wearing Spiderman outfits instead of their ridiculous white coats.

They proved they are either so incompetent or sociopath enough to feign ignorance whilst they killed people to keep up their mortgage payments.

They are nothing more than a 3 dimensional array that matches drugs from big pharma, that treat symptoms only, with patients.

A Raspberry Pi Pico or a nutless monkey could do their "jobs"

I want every doctor without a proven record of opposing this, either covertly (at the time) or overtly, to literally have to hide that they were ever a doctor for the rest of their lives.

Fuck them.

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Very interesting.

Intellectual AIDS and rampant lefttard echo chamber at the link that includes a meme of a dog shitting in a Trump supporters mouth.

Link casts this as a black-hat move but the sheer joy of these chicken-heads at FOX's misfortune makes me wonder if this is the start of a trend that will pivot next to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC etc, in an act of political Judo that will leave them stunned.

One can hope.

Imagine if all these fuckers lost their licenses. The poor normie would be like a rudderless boat with Anons being a looming, dirty great cumulonimbus blackening the sky to 30,000 ft

Edit:- FOX news can suck it.

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Villagers is about as non-derogatory as you can get about normies.

These thoughtless automatons have cost me three years of my life and I think terms like chicken-head or ant-head from the Bladerunner book are spot on to describe them.

Any language used to describe any group is going to be reductive and villagers is less a pejorative than, NPC, useless eater, smooth-brain, vax-tard, sheep, cattle or even normie that you yourself used.

Your argument that "Only the normiest of normal guys" can be reductive or that being reductive is inherently pretentious are incorrect.

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It does feel like it's in that vicinity.

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