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Rather interesting...... he has a big fight coming up with Cannonier that will have a lot of eyes on.

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.......and waste a shit ton of fuel accelerating a telephone pole sized tungsten rod up to an orbital velocity only to slow it down again with a re-entry burn and gradually walk a target vector across the map.

It is an egregious waste of fuel and the most ridiculous delivery mechanism conceivable except sending the weapon around Alpha Centuri first.

You can not explain this to people who don't "orbital mechanics" cause they think the rods "fall" out of space like some 5 year old.

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The problem is that the gay movement is tied to the hip in people's minds with the GLAAD block, aggressive cultural and social programming and in your face over representation of a minority which was given a special victim status just for starters.

The gay movement has been used as a vehicle in all this destruction of Western society and people probably want their sexuality out of their faces and back in the bedroom between two consenting adults.

The gay movement has literally been the enemy, an aggressive in your face proponent of all that is woke, so don't act so surprised when people have a problem now. Gays collectively missed the recent chance to "literally run" from the T signifying transgender at the end of their QWERTYUIOP.

I don't really give a fuck who people put their dick in, perhaps you should stop talking about it.

Personally, I fuck chicks but I don't put it on my tee-shirt.

Straight/ Gay who gives a fuck or needs to know. You will catch on.

Everyone gets a harden the fuck up bracelet in the new world, you can print it on a cock ring if you like (and then give it to your gay family members)

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The buzz words are assembled as if extruded from a mincing machine.

Obvious LARP is obvious.

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.....who were turned gay (previously chads) by the putrid chemical water.

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Glaciers aren't melting ! Anthropogenic Global Warming is the biggest crock of shit ever apart from the Dutch attempt to curb Nitrogen which is 78% of the atmosphere.

I was only talking smack.

Carry on.

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Getting your whole cabinet in a email from Citibank.


....and $65,000 hot dogs, wet works at the vineyard, and U1...... mumble mumble Renegade Cough ISIS Cough

Not to mention Biden at all.

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A few days back there were a plethora.

Do a search for "new Q"

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Yes but only of the normies (tm) inability to see it.

The wins keep coming and the normies are still in a complete alternate reality.

The bell tolls for their "cotton candy" world of debt slavery, fiat asset theft and TV renovation shows.

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Interesting spiel and KEK on the "Melt faces" .

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Yeah but kids lie an awful lot when they are at fault and also talk a crapload of shit to boot so any plans to have a child installed as the "Southern Oracle" because they "always tell the truth" need to be put on the back burner.

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Alaska be closer to the equator than Mexico !

No wonder glaciers are melting !

Greta, you are full of shit (and alcohol when you were a fetus)

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The teachers are likely permabroken (tm) as you put it.

Teachers are every bit as bad as the MSM and the politicians and scientists. I would be happy if they had to reapply for their jobs after doing 4-6 years of retraining and then only 10% were rehired.

Teachers have nothing of value to offer children in their present incarnation. We should not pay teachers a cent for making children afraid of the sky or their failure to teach critical thinking.

Just like doctors, I have known all my life, that in the vast aggregate, teachers utterly suck. It is self evident.

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They are name stealers you antisemitic poxy fucking shitrock !

Seriously, are you going to tell this story but not name them correctly as Khazarian Mafia namestealers? You suck.

Why does everyone who pushes "The Joooooooos" stop short of actually doing some work and naming who is actually responsible.

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Also Dude, I think Chinaman is not the prefered nomeklature.

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I think "micturate" would have been better verbiage and would have been a hat tip to the "Big Lebowski" to boot !

It really tied the room together.

C'Mon Man!

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