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I was bullied by Lefties on Twitter for saying mankind was trying to exterminate itself.

All I had to do was post a link to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement


and they left me alone.

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As I told my husband, we are gardening / urban farming this year like never before. To see how far we can take things. And go on a seed saving binge.

Someday, people may need to be shown how to do it

I subscribe to more gardening channels on YT than anything else. And binge watch regularly.

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How is ugliness scientifically measured? Face does not have fibonacci proportions?

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Totally agree. My husband and I are very active pedestrians as we walk our dog 2 times a day. We've both had a few close calls with people turning and not looking, and with red light runners. Also, 25 MPH does not seem very fast in a car, but it sure as heck is fast when you are a pedestrian.

Salt Lake City recently made major improvements to this intersection. It is one of those rare times when I can say the city most definitely did NOT screw up. With the visibility and improved crosswalk relining, I am dumbfounded how this tragedy could have happened, and chalk it up to driver irresponsibility.

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Wow. Euthanasia disguised as medical treatment.

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Prayers forthcoming !

An acquaintance of mine was hit and killed by a car on January 31 while lawfully crossing the street as a pedestrian. (in Salt Lake City) Hit by one car, the driver got out to help him, then another car hit both him and the first driver.

True conservative. Every time I walk by his house his homemade TRUMP 2024 sign makes me smile. Stunned by this tragedy and angry that drivers do not pay attention to pedestrians.

Seems like the good ones are suffering the most.

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I wonder how this parent feels now.

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Actually, the lawn part of our property contributes to making great compost for the vegetable growing part of our property.

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They're still trying to be relevant.

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Caesar's Gallic Wars were absolute murder in high school !

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I still want my vote on record, no matter what the outcome. Also, if I don't vote I can't claim my right to vote was suppressed.

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