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So death is now just another break through outcome?

What ever happened to soft end points and hard end points?

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Well then who on Tucker's team was the flaming asshole who screamed at Dinesh "YOU'RE FINISHED!" after Dinesh rightfully refused to let Fox swipe his material for a trailer without acknowledging it was his material?

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(sigh) I want him to pay for what he's done to the world, too.

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The guy who just installed our Quantum Fiber was complaining about oil company greed.

That's how we knew he was a leftist. That, and he couldn't answer some of our basic questions about a compatible router.

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I almost hope so, it'll be fun to watch him squirm and whimper when this comes out.

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Wendy Rogers got censured by her fellow election crime pursuers in AZ for supporting some really stupid (IMO) comments by Nick Fuentes. Something about Jews in ovens like baking cookies, not enough bodies found in mass graves to support claims of millions dead. Wendy didn't say she supports his right to free speech nor did she object to anything particularly obnoxious, only that she supported him.

She was on fire ever since the AZ audit, the cyber symposium, the petition to decertify across state legislatures. After that it seemed she ran out of steam and I sort of lost track of her.

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To be brutally honest, I'm not that enthusiastic about Trump any more. Go ahead, downvote me, kick me off.

He still boasts and brags about the vaxxes despite a mountain of evidence showing the harm they cause.

And I'm not falling for the "Do your research, you're too stupid to understand Trump's 18th dimensional chess moves and subtle messaging without the Q super duper secret decoder ring" stuff.

He said something almost like this shortly before last Christmas in Texas. I think his ego has gotten in the way. He is going to have to acknowledge the harm of these vaxxes before I'll even consider him again.

Keeping my eyes on DeSantis.

I'm as passionate as ever about election crimes and doing what I can locally. If Trump does make it back to the WH because of the diligent work of thousands of patriots with election crime evidence, I will still hold him accountable.

In the meantime, I'm busy being a delegate, a precinct chair, and wondering how drop boxes can be monitored, even with threats from local governments to prosecute anybody who does.

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Oh dear, I hope you realize this is a complete insult to that toothy furry guy to the left.

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There has been some noise here in Utah lately about him. Apparently, he now goes out in public in disguise.

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If only this were shorter. It would make a great t-shirt.

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Why the ridicule? Yes, a lot of us will be shocked when the boom is lowered. After a lifetime of seeing criminals get away with [name any crime]...

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#2 Edit: Biden is a human, drug, and ballot trafficking monster.

Fixed it.

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"Oh, but those ballot drops were just done by kind people volunteering to deliver ballots for the sick and disabled!"


Cops use cell phone data all the time to build their cases against criminals.

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Enough people squawked around Salt Lake City about 2020 election fraud to finally make the Salt Lake Co GOP sit up and take notice.

Yesterday the GOP election fraud committee released their findings. The guy who ran the investigation is running for county clerk. Considering the existing clerk's office was not generally cooperative, it was an impressive report.

For those who aren't aware, in 2020 there were 7 governor races in which the GOP candidate prevailed. Utah was one of them. But it was ONLY in Utah that the GOP gubernatorial candidate (Cox) got a substantial number of votes above the presidential candidate (Trump), roughly 50K if I recall correctly.

That almost never happens - gubernatorial candidate greatly exceeding vote count for presidential candidate in the same party. A lot of us have been looking at this as (yet another) red flag indicator that something was wrong with the state election. Cox is also becoming hated more and more by the day. Many are embarrassed to admit they voted for him.

Well the findings released described three classes of voter registration, public, private and withheld. Some voters have their info kept private for certain reasons. The investigation was done with just public voter info, about 63%. Private + withheld = 37%. There is definitely something stinky about excess votes, maybe some 30K of them in Salt Lake Co, hidden among the private + withheld voters.

Some of us think that's where Cox got a big chunk of his extra votes.

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This is speaking about some sort of emotional intelligence / resistance to hypnosis of course, and has nothing to do with book learning.

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Now it's Liz Cheney's turn.

"How Donald Trump Wiped the Walls with what Remains of My Campaign at His Wyoming Rally"

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