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Uh oh, does Ursula have her panties in a twist?

Comparisons with Mussolini are meaningless. His roots were in socialism and he was an atheist.

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I kind of agree with that sentiment. No use wasting my breath on them. I've got other things to do.

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Very interesting. Makes me wonder if demons manifest themselves with certain physical "blueprints."

I've been collecting photos of certain politicians who resemble each other in a particular way. All evil.

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Keep the forensic crime lab. It helps local law enforcement agencies solve cold cases.

Maybe keep any national crime stats collection capability.

The rest of the agency should be dissolved.

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Yes, I do too. And that's where God comes in...

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If the average person cannot be open to new information and reconsider his own opinion, then politicians certainly won't.

Which is frightening.

Somebody like Senator Ron Johnston doing a 180 on COVID vaxxes is rare.

I recall a number of anecdotes here from people describing the reluctance of their coworkers to vax, then once they caved, tried pressuring others to do so.

From Nick Moseder:

People have a need for certainty. People have a need for security. People have a need for reassurance.

The absence of which leaves people vulnerable to being manipulated.

It takes a mentally strong person to live in uncertainty, without being swept away into lala land by the empty promises of false “profits”.


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Preparing for disaster means you buy more stuff so it's good for business.

I wish these storm systems would send some of that rain into the American southwest.

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Two years later ...

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I rarely watch rallies any more (way too busy) but always like hearing reports from the ground.

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I would learn the election law in your area before anything.

Find out about what efforts have been made, if any, to improve election processing in your jurisdiction.

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Not only did DeSantis not leave them to die in a trailer in suffocating heat, he actually treated them well before shipping them off.

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Oh I think Hollywood took care of the empty coffers. They pressed all the right patriot buttons and got them to open their wallets to see Top Gun Maverick.

A ploy to get more funding for their woke projects. Tom Cruise is a great actor. He can convince die-hard patriots for about a 2 hour stretch that he is patriotic.

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Similar situations are on video. It's like the cows being led into the slaughterhouse.

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