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Can’t see MBS letting him out in the wild after trying to assassinate him in LV. First articles about made no reference to Dickweed. Let’s see what happens.

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Ever see him on you tube kissing salmans ass?

Been typing to find it.

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Seems maybe relevant with goings on.

Four Seasons linked to election fraud here: https://onemileatatime.com/four-seasons-total-landscaping-philadelphia/

Which links to post 243 (only sign on the building) here:


Perhaps one of the strings cut is Feinstein and it's coms?

Probably all a stretch tho.

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Feinstein is a huge player in this. Either way, I hope she leaves the board soon.

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Elon fired back at him asking what the Kingdom’s views are on journalistic freedom of speech.


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Twitter has the tweet buried somewhere, that confirms the "official" ISIS twitter account stating that Las Vegas was going to be the the target of a terrorist attack a few short months before the Las Vegas Massacre occurred.
That's not bullshit either, I saw the tweet a few months before the attack. That fact has never once been mentioned by the MSM, nor any govt. entity. The ISIS twitter account also claimed a second major city (I forget which one) was going to be hit. MSM, twitter, and the govt. are negligent for not warning citizens, and investigating that tweet in relation to the Vegas Massacre.

Elon Musk should reveal that tweet, file a FOIA to see if the US govt. was ever made aware of the credible threat, or not. Then consider suing twitter if they hid that tweet from the public, or the govt.

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I’d reason to guess ISIS is a creation of our government. Funded by our tax dollars. and controlled by one of the 3 letter agencies. they won’t narc on themselves.

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Possible. Which would explain why the MSM and govt. have never investigated, nor acknowledged that tweet, and steadfastly claimed that there is zero evidence to suggest that the Vegas Massacre (a crime with no official motive) could have been a terrorist attack.

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Agreed. Total coordinated gaslight job

We were ISIS free under Trump. Under Biden then they just pop up outta nowhere. ISIS must have been on an extended maternity leave like Buttigieg.

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Yup. Just like "Al Quaida"

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I think you are 100% correct.

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Well, since that Vegas bs was a hoax makes this seem even more likely that this is a stupid distraction as well.

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LOL Just wait until open season is declared ON TWITTER on these fucks, exactly where it stings the most, and exactly where they have tried so hard to establish their censorship. If he thinks he is upset right now, give it a bit more time....and you know these people aren't wired to just stay off of twitter when they know they are being mocked and ridiculed on legendary levels.

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This was uncovered during the Mandalay Bay aftermath. AL talal was arrested one month later.

A guy who worked for me worked those top 5 floors for 5 years. The minute it happened he told me who owned the four seasons. We worked only a short distance from there.

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Something tells me the kingdom wants the dopey prince to STFU

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The dopey Prince

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[Repost]Things need to be solved to understand what is about to happen.

Let's start w/ Alice & Wonderland.

Hillary Clinton in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Saudi Arabia - the Bloody Wonderland.


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“Private use”: child SRA, FFs, other shit’s I’ve never heard of