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When does a bird sing? When it's looking for a booty call. Source: I have skanky birds that hang out on my deck all day.

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Nobody said his penis was smart.

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Lil Kimmy looks like a star struck fan from the moment he sees Trump. Trump seems almost confused; like, this dude is a huge fan of mine, and this is the guy threatening everyone with nukes?? I bet Trump got anything and everything he asked of kim in private.

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Dumbass probably fucked over a shit ton of people in his life; if you steal money from me, I will forget in a few years. You have a baby with me, I will spend every minute of the next 18 years trying to break you.

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Alright New Hampshire, where mah hustlers at? I need 5 courses, but I'll buy 10 if you'll make a deal. Easy 25-50% profit for the middle. I can get weed all day bro, but I can't get that ivermectin in GA

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think mirror dumbass. how many times did we say 11/3 and mirror?? said someone who knows more than me, probably.

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lol. I'd. normally say you're just too jaded, except this is probably accurate.

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Was this before or after the presser where the government said they were concerned about their Ukraine labs?

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