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Lol, they scared their illegals can't float the vote.

And they know their cheating is going to be scrutinized a lot more. They'll have a difficult time prying poll workers from their places now.

People sick and tired of their absolute bull crap.

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There's a reason they look "reptilian." Serpents and all that.

My God is bigger than their old "technology".

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And, the penalty if they got caught was quick death.

Not some sternly worded letter saying how what they did was against the Crown.

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Let's open the flood gates and let crimes for treason be paid! 🥳🥳🥳

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Where he'll be given royal treatment...

Definitely not the same treatment as Jan 6ers.

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So, why doesn't Gizmodo and these other clown rags (other defendants in the case) make a post laughing at MW? You know if roles were reversed and it was Trump or family that had this, it'd be posted on EVERY rag fake new site for days.

Fake news. Fake news everywhere.

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Wonder if this is also true for other "safe and effective" "vaccines". Such as "flu".

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I call for a 98% tax rate on all those in Congress making over 100k a year.

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What if... just what if...

  • These people are blackmailed
  • POTUS knows it
  • When those doing the blackmailing are exposed, the good people we needed in these positions will still be there
  • Some people who are the most vocal are part of said blackmail scheme

Things make more sense, this way. It is just so odd that MJ did a complete 180 from all convictions.

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9% some places are 10 or over for sales tax.

Absolutely is slavery.

"No taxation without representation" – only a VERY slim minority of those in Congress actually represent we the people. The others line their pocketbooks and launder WORKING CLASS MONEY to themselves.

Richest country in the world, with most going to thieves that hate our guts and wish we were dead.

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I wish everyone did like X and gave us 3x...

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Been giving them the Bud treatmeant for many years. Last time I went to that hellhole around where I lived, some "Jennifer", who was clearly a male, took my order.

Not as bad as the males working in Victoria Secret or Ulta, though.

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Oh, I'm definitely holding... just wondering what's going to happen to those. 😜

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