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That the military is still IN CONTROL and that the Adrenochrome thing is real. He told him they drink babies blood THROUGH THEIR ANUS and that the Ukraine is where they harvest the ADC and turn it into a clear liquid that can drink.

He told him that Nancy Pelosi's new drink "bar" in the Capitol is where they'll distribute it and the $40 Billion went to buy it and they went over there to pick it up themselves.

He specifically said all the Adrenochrome stuff is real and there has been a battle between good and evil about this stuff that goes back for CENTURIES.

Says its highly addictive and that EVERYTHING has to do with it. The border for one example, he said has nothing to do with voting or anything it's all about human trafficking and ADRENOCHROME.

My friend the teacher was embarassed to tell me and he even said "you didn't hear it from me" but he still told me and it's ALL REAL.

His brother says he doesn't know when it will end but that the MILITARY is in control.

I almost had a Hopium attack.