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I get his sentiment. As a WA state resident I have no option other than mail in ballots. I know the implications of mail in but I will still cast my ballot the only way I'm allowed to though.

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Sometimes the length of the video can be used to reference the same drop number. 1:45 video? Check post 145...

Sometimes the "timestamp" the post was actually made is used to reference the same drop number. Easterntime seems to be the preferred time and military time has been substituted for posts made in the PM. Trump Truths at 9:30 PM est? Check post 930 or 2130 (military time).

In this instance, the date is used. Past drops made on the same date (month and day) are referenced. This is called a delta.

Trump Truthed Phase 2 on Feb 21, 2024. Q mentioned Phase 2 on Feb 21, 2018 making it a 6 year delta.

Probably just a coincidence right? 😉

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I'm not one for wasteful spending, but if I knew about this I would have tried to snag a pair!

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She hasn't been seen publicly for a couple years now ever since the rumor she was taken out in a raid. The only thing I've seen was that she supposedly work(s) for a private law firm..

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Thanks Fren! LMNT is awesome BTW! Watermelon is my favorite.

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This is bad info. Keto flu is from your body flusing minerals out of your body. This diet is a natural diuretic and you lose fluids.

The "flu" is mearly a lack of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium). The quickest way to recover from the icky feeling symptoms is sodium. Broth is a common way to get lots of sodium quickly.

Look up a recipe for "ketoade", make a big batch and sip it all day.

The Keto "flu" happens most often while beginning the diet before becoming "fat adapted" which takes 6-8 weeks of consistent Keto. Once adapted, your body becomes efficient in using its own fat storage for energy purposes. This is when the pounds start melting off too along with amazing side effects like mental clarity, energy and rested sleep.

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Ever seen Elvis' face melt in an old interview in front of a scared little girl?

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Oliver Stone's documentary interview series with Putin is an amazing eye opener, yet I hardly know anyone including Anons who gave it the time of day.

It's an amazing series with dozens of hours of interviews over many months before Trump's 2016 victory. Very insightful considering all of it was before the Trump presidency and subsequent Q drops. It also brings light to the Color Revolution that happened in Ukraine during the Obama regime.

If you're excited for a 60min Tucker interview with Putin and haven't seen Oliver Stone's The Putin Interviews, then you owe it to yourself to see it ASAP.


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Sometime this summer Rogan will have Trump on his podcast (I how he's said he wouldn't in the past) a d it's gonna break the internet. Can't wait to hear the crybabies say giving Trump the platform to talk is a danger to democracy 🤣

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Anyone know a podcast service that provides X22? Dave got nuked off Podbean. I stream from his site but also work in an area with crap cell service so to be able to download for offline would be nice. I've tried downloading from his site but I can't get the file to play on my android.

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Does anyone actually think this site has the connections to right the wrongs of our broke ass central banking system or are they just dropping "secret windows" to state what should be?

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At this point, I'd argue any vaccine is the wrong vaccine.

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