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That was the most disappointing part.

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Been pretty well insulated for a long ass time I'd say!

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The man. The myth? The legend.

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I believe Devolution is taking place but I don't see how Trump will make a surprise return anytime soon. It really feels like it's all set up for a slow burn to a 2024 presidential run.

I hope I'm wrong.

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Over 20% of single family residences selling right now are being gobbled up by private companies. It's never been like this. They regularly escalate the deals so they sell well over asking.

Considering that, inflation, mortgage rates rising every couple weeks, the regular homebuyers don't have much of a chance of putting in a competitive bid. It's resulted to ARMs coming back and 40 year mortgages being an "option".

You'll own nothing and be happy. Outlook not so good.

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It really is! I scroll through for the funny memes but when it comes to news or habbenings it's best to avoid the endless dooming in the comments.

The community here is growing too but the OGs are still very patient and answer questions or breakdowns in a very patient and respectful way which is refreshing. I really don't know of any other place online willing to exercise patience with newcomers.

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Don't lurk in PDW after exhausting all threads here to read about their take on the ghosts video. Thought I was on Reddit for a moment!

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Police used to use paint cans to store a siezed phone before faraday bags were common.

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Same here. Have ordered twice with no issues.

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I live in the greater (woke) Seattle area. EVERY SINGLE THEATER TICKET WAS SOLD OUT!

We the people know the truth. The suppression is ending.

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Side note, since taking the paste, my extreme cat allergies have disappeared.

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2000 Mules is out for anyone to watch at home tomorrow...

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If Biden is as feckless and dementia ridden as we believe him to be, how. An he "act" this long and not spill the beans?

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This "leak" has to be one of the biggest booms we've seen. The DS are certainly playing this game too and will nuke the entire board in hopes their play creates a "mistrial" if you will.

Keep in mind this is desperation on their half and these types of moves create chaos in the interim but always fall flat when the dust settles.

This should be a good sign to all of us that are paying attention. They are losing and rapidly running out of moves at each turn.

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This is the stuff Anons are known best for! I hope this re-opens a can of worms long forgotten but not memory-holed for eternity.

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ACB so far has been what most would say lackluster when it comes to a true constitutional justice appointed by POTUS but let's address the elephant in the room:

She's adopted multiple Haitian children. Child trafficking is rampant and where has a hub been for a long time? Haiti as we all already know..

She serves a very specific roll in all this bullshit we see happening. Her time to shine is still coming and as the narrative collapses, her purpose will become paramount. We really are watching a movie from a stagehand perspective. We see it ahead of time but can't control how the director let's it play out.

Frens, NCSWIC and we are witnessing it all unfold while the rest of the sleeping public only starts to wake up to the atrocities that plague this world while they take a giant redpill suppository!

Buckle up because the next few months will be an amazing albeit bumpy ride!

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Postponed till Sunday? Works for me! Hope everyone who intended to attend gets to go on Sunday too!

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It varies. Here in the PNW some of those 10 codes are the same but a few mean something very different.

Edit: After taking a closer look, nearly all are the same but there are a few different.

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The real answer comes from you. Go get an HIV test and get back to us. The concern has been aids/vaids and there have been claims that part of the HIV virus was used in creating the spike protein that's in the jab. If true, I'd sure be concerned.

No use stressing what you don't know and go get tested.

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