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Also, not afraid to call out the skin color. Its the only detail of the person we have. "White"

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FBI found a patsy to make themselves the victim?!!?!?

If its not a patsy, I bet the guy didnt even know it was an FBI building.

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They are coming for all.of it. They will make it illegal to grow your own food. And they will make it illegal to pump your own water.

They will do this science lies used to claim"irs for your own good" The sheep will sit and watch it happen and say "Gee, Im sure glad they put a stop to that!"

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Its not normal. Anyone with any level of cognative ability sees it.

Interesting part. Its starting to seem the only real srong arm the DS has to execute their plans state side is the FBI. The focus is narrowing. The good agents will be able to see the corruption very clearly.

Maybe this is why they have the 87,000 new IRS agents. The rest of their puppet army is gone already and they are trying to rebuild.

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I thought they said "Silver War"

Also, anyone comming here will see how fast people calling for violence are corrected and reminded there is no violence needed.

We cozy here.

Frens all around.

God wins.

We need do nothing.

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Im pretty sure its Lake Mead. Lots being uncovered there.

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Its as simple as having a skeptical mind and taking the time to see what the truth is.

Those who are not skeptical and wont take the time inherently prefer to keep their head in the sand and take someone elses word for it.

Real question is, what is their thought process on who they listen to and why?

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Also of note. For those wondering if Trump had docs, why did he have them.

To make them come and get them. Just like they did.

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The top brass in the millitary was one of the first to be corrupted. They dont get to the top unless they are compromised. It makes them plyable for people in DC to get what they want and know there is nothing that will backfire without taking everyone taking themselves out.

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The pube blockers are for Zelinksy and Azov battalion

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It does. How much clearer does it need to be the article was BS. Its coming from a source that has clearance to talk? They said they purposefully waited so Trump couldnt make a show or use it politically then later claim it wasnt political. They claim the informant told them where everything was and "was able to identify" clasified documents. How would they do that? Did the FBI have someone working Mar a Lago who was a plant, there only to plan evidence? There was nothing in the safe that their informant claimed there was info there. The FBI already inspected the storage room they broke into, so nothing new there.

Question is. What was in Trumps bedroom they needed to get? That seems to be the only thing that they had not seen and may have had something in it.

Are they looking for DNA? Need to steal some Trump hair to drop at a crime scene?

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Basically the Newsweek article is pushing complete bullshit to try and limit the blowback on Garland. Everything in the article was BS.

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They have zero evidence. There are so many holes in this. They claim the records would be destroyed. Really?!?!? Someone keeps documents just to destroy them?

And they claim that there was an informant. But the basis for the warrant was claimed neccessary because the documents would be destroyed.

Also, zero evidence that their informant isnt the one who brought the documents in the first place and scattered them throughout the house.

And NONE of this absolves the FBI for all their wrong doing. Ignoring Hinters laptop, ignoring the Biden bribery schemes, Clintons emails, and decades worht of other things.

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Gotta open eyes. Give them ammo to burry themselves with.

They dont play 12D chess it seems.

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There is a clear line. Those who are not happy with the state of the world. And there are those who just want to hurt other people. Put them down to pick themselves up.

Its so clear I dont even need to say which ones which.

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This is not self immolation. All the color of war stuff has been driven by china and russia for years.

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If people need to leave their phones at home so they can show PUBLIC SUPPORT, things are a lot worse than they seem.

But in the end, God wins.

I pray for everyones safety and freedom!

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The Q pattern I think could also be the result of Trump being centered under the chandelier in the mirror.

But the Seal on the shoes. Thats a head scratcher.

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I do feel lethargic from.time to time. Usually right at bed time. Or after 12 hours of working in the sun.

These people have nothing. God wins. That is the only important part.

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Yeah, but it seems like such a pleasant place.

Orange is also the only color that is a fruit.

"Its significant"

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No nothi g wpuld be admissable. But just like the magical dissapearing text. They will claim they have it and no one else can see it for some strange reqson. Then they will drag it out in the Sham 6 showtrial. Parade their BS all over the news and make sure no ine ever points out the truth.

There was nothing found of any interest.

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Thats their comeback?

"Look at all these Democrats who did worse and no one did anything about it"

Also adding in the claim Trump took documents from the White House in 2021?!?!?!?

These people are stupid.

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Dont care what he did to authorize the raid.

He spent an aweful lot of his time protecting Epstein and was employed by him. Anyo e tha5 close to evil cannot be a good person and deserved to be investigated far more than Trump.

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