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Here is the thread I found this on https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/378598168

What a coincidence. This man built a engine that ran on water and he happened to get killed in the Buffalo shooting. Here is proof of his engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAFQdYYXyls

It's entirely possible this was a conspiracy murder by the oil companies to assassinate the inventor that would make their product obsolete and bankrupt them, disguised as a white supremacist attack. A similar thing happened to Stanley Myer, the feds poisoned him because he made a car run on water.

A few weeks ago I discovered this video https://youtu.be/1xHQWu2ZzPc A man put a lawnmower carburetor on his old car that had a V8 in it and got 45mpg after tuning it. I wonder if the feds will come after this guy too. He has not made a video in weeks.

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was this person somehow connected to the POLYSCIENCE project nys worked on in buffalo alot folks around that cuomostenchhochul project drop like flies

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Good post, comment and question.

Where DID he learn the details on creating a functioning hydrogen fuel cell with water conversion?

One of the new techs that will help change the world.

Vapourface 9 points ago +9 / -0

It's not a fuel cell (which produces electricity). He was cracking water into its components, presumably using alternating current at a particular frequency resonant with water, or perhaps a pair of frequencies to address the asymmetric rotor property of water molecules. Maybe there is a catalyst involved? I obviously do not know the secret but it will be something like that.

In theory this is an extremely simple and reliable process, once you have the right energy level and frequencies dialled in, and catalyst coated electrodes perhaps... The water would simply begin gassing-off oxygen and hydrogen, which can be immediately burned.

Normally of course, to crack water with brute force energy, you would be using more energy than you could recover by then recombining them in an exothermic reaction (combustion). Low energy cracking water is the holy grail, conventionally this is impossible, but with resonance, maybe maybe it could be done.

Heckles 4 points ago +5 / -1

Is this what they're doing in 'nuclear' power plants maybe?