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A bit of a PSA here, frens, but I'm noticing an increased amount of infighting and suspiciously leftist-sounding confrontational convos in the past three or four days. It's my belief that the shills are now evolving to be able to bypass handshake restrictions and lie in wait so they can begin sowing seeds of chaos. I'd advise everyone to be on guard against (((their))) agents and post with sound mind and logical thought, not driven by emotions.

God wins!

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There are a lot of subversive sleeper accounts that have been activated in the last 5 or so months, and more recently. I would bet that a lot of the same accounts that are getting banned or kicked are coming from the same IP's or same generic vpn services. I am free speech first, but coming in here to disrupt b/c your argument is a dumpster fire is rather tedious. You do that on a reddit sub and it's all hands on deck b/c someone is crying into their snuggy and needs a hug to go with their soy latte. It might be time to knock it up a level and start banning via IP or geoip.

dty6 3 points ago +3 / -0

If I understood you correctly, that's a GREAT idea!

Wtf_socialismreally 3 points ago +3 / -0

I think free speech in regards to The Donald and offshoots ended when Reddit banned The Donald and offshoots.

At that point, gloves came off. And while I am a Constitutionalist, this community of sites does not pretend to be non-biased and welcome the other side.

I say this as someone who used to argue, repeatedly, with fellow posters on The Donald on Reddit when lefties came in for a discussion.

Yet now, I resent just based off the fact that we have a certain leftist sub mod running around here.

We have plenty of disagreements with each other as independents and conservatives; we definitely do not need leftists galavanting around at this point.