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Home voip is easy to setup

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yep, and the media who under orders still call it a hoax. I wish the bread and circuses would fail, in order for people to wake up but alas.

dig your new frawg skull!!

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No worries, I think this is a topic that needs to have more discussion, and people accept taxes as something that "just is". I suggested property first for the sole reason of having actual ownership of real property. Too many times people have lost the homes they have literally built with their own hands b/c the mechanics of the taxes on property create the myth of ownership. If personal taxes are nixed, they could still hold out on releasing property tax for various BS reasoning, and no one would ever own land again, regardless of how much you keep of your income. If no taxes were paid, eventually the cabal would own it.

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The guy who looks like Hefners love child, has a production company called "Kid Love Productions", has a tv show used to manipulate the weak minded masses who have stage one thinking, has been to the Playboy mansion dozens of times is MKUltra.....say it ain't so.

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This is all about instigation. They are hoping some vet or vet family member will "do something". Illegal aliens get treated at regular hospitals for free all the time, this particular thing has a specific goal in mind.

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I hope this gets some traction. There are a SHIT TON of bot accounts, stealthily made accounts made in mega batches, and accounts that appear to be "older" accounts but have a super low post number, and probably a good mix of accounts that are radioactive if you catch my drift. A lot of these accounts are put into long term storage or rotated out of reserve for when another account gets nuked or banned. I don't care about the internet points tally aside from one reason, it does help to differentiate to some extent as to who is real and who isn't, but not always.

SO before some knucklehead gets their undies in a bunch, this doesn't apply to every new account or the so-called "lurker" accounts that rarely if ever post/comment, and honestly are rare in and of themselves, use your brain accordingly, after all that is why you are here.

If you have been paying attention to the interaction in threads over the last year, you can pretty easily. Here are a few signs to spot the fake/fraud/troublemaker/bot/batch accounts....

A lot of these account names are generated from a script in the same way names are generated by docker for temporary container names. There is a pool of names, typically 3-4 as I can tell and they are thrown together in some "cute" phrase, so you wind up with an account name made from 3-4 words stuck together. These accounts are very rarely a single name as it is a PITA to script a one word name generator that isn't gibberish and makes sense or has some kind of meaning/connotation.

These accounts will be following the same formula will try and be provocative, either by the 3 word phrase or have a foul word joined in the mix.

Another action which is common, and how they bypass the handshake classification, is to have 3 or more of these accounts commenting in a thread one of them started, and they will all upvote each other to get around the limitation. This typically happens with threads in the "new" category. Coupling in to this technique, if you pay attention to many threads lately, you will have the same procedure where they will comment and upvote each other and assumedly have accounts in reserve to upvote the thread to get the in the first 2-3 pages of the "hot" section, this same practice was and is still done today by morons on reddit. These same accounts will try to steer and concern troll a good thread to knock it off course.

Ever look at a response by someone and see a 1-2yr old account with zero posts and a response count less than 500(being generous)?

Wonder why a quality post gets downvoted, all those same accounts downvote?
Wonder why you have a thread with any bible references that has responses that are utterly garbage, and pretty much straight from wikipedia or r/athiest?

Do you part folks, if an account looks sketchy, report it, don't ignore it. The quality of late isn't what it used to be. Repeats of the same stories, repeats of something that was posted years ago, reddit-style garbage replies, Q "revelations" that were solved years ago and now one of the questionable accounts is posting silly trash ideas that have no bearing on the post. Might as well have serialbrain2 posting here 😐. We're getting a little too close to the_donald territory, and once that threshold is crossed, it's fair game to say the board is lost.

How about the mods stop posting for a while and boosting their imaginary internet points, and spend a little time to clean up these accounts? If you need to ask the board creator for the tools to run some decent sql queries. Check creation dates and times (especially if you see 100 accounts created in the middle of the night going to a university or business domain as example), email aliasing, IP's with a bit of cross referencing. For example, if you see an account that has an email with a plus sign in it, there is more than one account using the same address -- [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] ALL GO TO THE SAME [email protected] address, they only appear unique, it isn't that hard to check.

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The one child policy which was adopted in China was due to the suggestion of Nixon/Kissinger.

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I stand by what I said previously. I do not think we will know who the VP choice will be until the last possible moment. That being said as stellar a man as Dr. Carson is, he is too nice and gentle for the VP position this time around, maybe the next term as President though. Trump needs an articulate, intelligent bulldog, who backs down to no one, and like Trump, who is not owned and has no allegiance to no one but God. If things go according to what we believe, this isn't going to be one man task, and having two sharks in play will have people not knowing which way to jump. Do I have any ideas, not at the moment, my guess is the VP pick will be someone that isn't well known.

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The air vax thing is a bit concerning. Think of all the closed areas that people could be vaxxed w/o their knowledge.

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agreed, 'for the common good', 'for the children', 'we must protect', 'common sense', and all those other moronic phrases all have a commonality, a real target in mind, which by the way is never mentioned. It's always about the needs of the few, outweighing the needs of the many. Leftist/cabal euphemisms should be a scourge to any thinking person, it sidesteps truth, corrupts reality, and poisons the ignorant.

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This is my thought as well. Unfortunately, both sides are looking for something symbolic in everything. Someone say something nasty?...it isn't always b/c that person is racist, anti-blah,blah,blah, more than likely said person is just a jerk. I've read a few stories that Anthony Hopkins is the kind of person that would be posting here actually, and he is one of those people that helps others out quite a bit on the down low. It's only b/c of the people he has helped tell those accounts, that any of those stories are known, it's not by his mouth.

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Yep, there is a video out there which he talks about this and 9/11, it is about 45 mins long. No, I don't have the link readily handy.

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