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You obviously misunderstand. The point of the watchman is they are responsible for telling others. If they fail to warn other when they know, any blood that falls is on their hands, if someone was warned and they fail to act, the fault is not on the watchman but the person warned.

And your response tells me you have read very little in the Bible aside from ignorantly quoting scripture to prove to someone how wrong the Bible is or inappropriate you feel it is.

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the MacAfee telegram account is posting as well

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Every time I see one of these, it reminds me of the screen caps of a fake texted conversation....

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This isn't the first time we've had political prisoners in this country. Look back to the Woodrow Wilson era.

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I literally had this same conversation with someone 2 months back. Retired RN, known her for years, same church, and she almost was my mother in law at one point, so yes she is someone I know well and care for. It's frustrating and sad simultaneously. The aggravating part is how many other people she has convinced to be injected with substances that are doing something other than the publicly announced intent.

I went over to help with something and was asked if I was going to get vaccinated. My response was, "only if I was forced at gun point in a FEMA camp". I said why would I need a vaccine when I have the immune system God gave us? I then went on to lay out the facts, and my sources, only to have everything I said responded with "that's not true!". It's a case of "I was a nurse therefore I know more than you", it's akin to being married to an architect and believing you are one as well.

They've lost the ability to ask questions and think, it's like the people that go to university and think the professors know everything whilst throwing out all the knowledge they learned prior -- a title or degree doesn't make one the guru of all knowledge.

All we can do is pray for them at this point. I thoroughly agree that the 4-6% lost number is going to be much higher, and that isn't something to rejoice about.

Downvoted for something that actually occurred? Piss off downvoter

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On the Madeleine Mccann story, I have my doubts she was kidnapped, more like sold or traded to someone. The parents story is just so suspect, what parent leaves their kid alone in a room on vacation?

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23 & me, ancestry.com.........
You really think those businesses are telling you what they do?

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Boris is about as right wing as Romney

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Mickey Gilley "the girls all get prettier at closing time"

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Same with brass, hence why it is preferred for door pulls, knockers, railing, door knobs etc.

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I truly wish this was all Americans standing up for Jesus first and secondly America

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Metal markup as well, gets my agent orange acting up

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That isn't correct. There is a lot of confusion here and I will try to clarify things, zero insult intended.

There are logs and configuration files here. First, the logs. Most every computer/server has a service or daemon, that writes out to a file what happened, there are typically seven levels of information that can be written, and depending on the OS or the application, the are called different things. Using the cisco syntax, they are:

0 —emergency: System unusable

1 —alert: Immediate action needed

2 —critical: Critical condition—default level

3 —error: Error condition

4 —warning: Warning condition

5 —notification: Normal but significant condition

6 —informational: Informational message only

7 —debugging: Appears during debugging only

All of these logging levels can be turned off and on, depending on what information you need to track. Take #6 for example, it logs mundane things, system events, just everyday normal operation things, and depending on the system usage it can over time produce a good amount of data. Now if you have a busy system, it can produce a metric shit ton of log data, and if you have all the levels turned on you could run yourself out of disk space if not for a certain mechanism namely log rotation. Log rotation is where a logging file has a set file size, lets say 50 Mb for the sake of conversation. Imagine an open paper roll of quarters, you can only fit so many in there before they start coming out. Now say the quarter roll can only be filled from one direction. Add a quarter, drop a quarter, the first quarter pushed in the roll will be the first pushed out. This is how log rotation works, logs are written with the newest line always at the top with a timestamp, as your file hits that 50Mb mark, the older lines are dropped as the new ones are written. Now you can always increase the log size, or make sure the log is saved and compressed to be stored elsewhere, in which case a new file is created and written to.

What happened with the voting machines is that someone knew there was no rotation set up and how big the log file was supposed to be, then from the outside(which shouldn't have been allowed) ran a script that caused whatever was being done during the voting hours to be knocked off the log by having the logging service literally write it off. This way they can always claim there were logs, just not what was supposed to be there.

The second thing that has garnered a bit of confusion is the routers. Most every commercial router stores little to no logs by default. You can however change that so a minimum is stored, but typically that file size is small as most routers do not have a ton of storage space. What can be done is configure the router to send it's logging data to a server that does have storage, and typically will be set up to parse the logs for specified things to trigger an alarm, or you can analyze the traffic with say ELK. In this case, there are probably zero logs stored elsewhere, BUT what is important to obtain is the configuration files of the router itself. In the configuration there is no doubt to me, a few things of significant value. There is either A) vpn tunnel set up to someplace that shouldn't be and/or B) static routes set up to someplace that shouldn't be. The combination of the two is more worrisome. B is bad enough, what this means is that data sent to and from the voting machines was intentionally directed to a specific machine/firewall. Having A thrown into the mix means a couple things, the data was encrypted so no one could watch them cheat, it also means there is a possibility that some foreign bad guy could theoretically have access to the maricopa sherrifs dept network(think about that for a minute), if said router was configured or compromised to do so. Network packets are like snail mail in a way. You have an address for the sender and the receiver. The mail doesn't always take the most direct route to where you want. You could be in Blackwell, KS sending a letter to Kentucky and it gets thrown in a bag that gets there via St. Louis, Indiana then down to the destination. Where as a first class envelope is going to be sent almost directly to Kentucky. Static routes set packets to specific routers to reach the endpoint and unless there is a physical reason the packet can't take that route, they ALWAYS take that path.

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It's not the router logs that matter they can be shot over to any logging server, it is the router comfig that is important ESPECIALLY where the static routes for the traffic to and from the dominion machines.

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