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and when you say Kate from 2021 - wasn't G in jail by then? I'm only on my first cuppa, maybe I'm not following :)

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well there's this


Jun 29, 2022

JUDGMENT In A Criminal Case (S2 20-Cr-330). Date of Imposition of Judgment: 6/29/2022. Defendant Ghislaine Maxwell (1) was found guilty on Count(s) 1ss, 3ss, 4ss, 5ss, 6ss (judgment not entered on 1 & 5 as multiplicitous, Dkt. No. 657), after a plea of not guilty. The defendant has been found not guilty on Count(s) 2ss. Count(s) 7ss-8ss, and underlying indictments are dismissed on the motion of the United States. IMPRISONMENT: The Defendant is sentenced to a term of 240 Months. Count 3 a sentenc e of 60 Months. Count 4 a sentence of 120 Months. Count 6 a sentence of 240 Months. All Counts to run concurrently. - Defendant was notified of her right to Appeal. - The court makes the following recommendations to the Bureau of Prisons: Defendant t o be considered for designation to FCI Danbury. Defendant to be considered for enrollment in FIT program. SUPERVISED RELEASE: 3 Years on Counts 3 and 4. 5 Years on Count 6 to run concurrently. Standard Conditions of Supervision (See page 5 of Judgment). Special Conditions of Supervision (See page 6 of Judgment). ASSESSMENT: $300.00, due immediately. FINE: $750,000.00. Schedule of Payments (See page 8 of Judgment). (Signed by Judge Alison J. Nathan on 6/29/2022)(bw)

so she was guilty on some counts and not on others

the victim statements are there

didn't see anything about the indictment

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I've thought that before. Like a wig and a mask.

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Great post, op. I love stuff like this. Lots of connections.

Last week I read about the Studio 54 guy planning to kill himself. At that time I thought, "How strange, there's got to be more to this story." So thanks for the background.

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always with the sauce, Trumplican. Appreciate it.

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How many jabs did he get?

Is his part in this movie over?

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