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Last night and this morning, while in prayer, a revelation came to me. We wanted to know what the precipice might be. I watched the video: Died Suddenly.

Troubled in my spirit, in the power of Holy God, I prayed and this comes:

Billions of people have willingly, and some coerced, received the death shot for the sake of safety against "covid,"


The truth is being revealed. Billions of sheep are going to wake up and realize they have been tricked by medical and political authorities to be POISONED UNTO DEATH!

This population of the deceived are going to rise up in terror and anger and call upon the wicked utter destruction. In some countries they will beat to death the monsters, others in more civilized nations will be hanged and shot after due process. Doctors will flee in terror and hide from patients they have injected.

The pharmaceutical monsters will receive the worst treatment at the hands of governments. Any politician who stands in defense of this mass extermination/assassination of their people will be given a push out of power.

The Precipice is upon all of mankind. Created by the grand schemes of those who thought themselves to be gods.

Terror will ride a red horse and woe to those who killed the innocent, those who placed their trust in government and medical authorities. WOE.