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Sooner? They are paid more for special session! All the state houses do it too.

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I was just going to point out that history thank you

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My friend is walking around midtown Manhattan right now and said it's not even raining... A little on and off

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That is why George married trafficking handler Amal....this cannot be.

Besides, Hollywood has lost its charisma. It will not play the same.

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CCP has already taken over here, a while ago. Joe is under their control.

My thinking you are over the target 🎯

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Yes I heard that very clearly this time. And then he said but I don't want the credit for this....

Almost 15 million people will have crashed our border when they are finished.

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Those who gave to Ron gave the maximum and cannot give anymore. The other candidates won't garner any money from the big donors. It's over.

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You nailed it I don't want to copy over your response! I didn't like that company years ago and I still don't everyone should get rid of their American Express card.

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