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Saying a prayer right now, for your dear Mother. My heart goes out to you, fren.

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DeSantis signed a bill allowing those who have Citizens property Ins to be FORCED to purchase flood insurance, even if you don't live in a flood zone. Not near the water and high and dry, right where they bring disaster supplies, if need be. That's what democrats do, force citizens to buy things they don't need! Now Ron signed that bill that came out of a SPECIAL SESSION, they only time they finish their work, so they can be paid more salary, for SPECIAL SESSION. Ron did terrible things to the homeowner insurance problem in Florida. He could have fixed it..but he's favoring them over the citizens. Awful.

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I read in a book in college Hillary smelled real bad. Person really didn't want her in the car, Bill wanted to pick her up with Bill's girlfriend at the time. She said she smelled so bad she put a blanket down on the seat of the car.

Later as First Lady I read an officer account that she had an awful smell. It lingered when then went into a room she left. Ugggh.

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We've all been overwhelming the Capitol switchboard for years! "The mailbox is full and cannot take a message" They don't care.

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Steve Bannon goes in and out of legal proceedings all month long.... that's when he has guest hosts while 'Steve is on assignment '.

I just don't think they would ever tell him they were coming to arrest him.

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It's time to clean out these degenerates. Degenerates run every institution.

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I get all this but what the hell is going on with the president in the White House? Just being left alone while all of his family's business dealings that have compromised the security of our country are just sitting there, operating.

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Print those and nail them to street poles everywhere!

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PACS can give as much as they want. That was the 'Citizens United' ruling by a rogue supreme court, saying that CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE.

The workers give to their candidates and their bosses give millions on behalf of all of them....and all in the corp don't agree...but it's too bad. The corp gets to speak over workers...such a bad ruling that needs to be overturned.

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All media in the US is blaming Trump for deregulations on the banks.

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They will be bailed out slowly in little bits, by those who use the banks.

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