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The Real Dr Anthony Fauci by RFK, Jr.

The Plot Against the President by Kash Patel

The Plot Against the King by Kash Patel (This book is for kids ages 6-12)


Kids Guide to President Trump


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He is no longer up to the duties of his job! If he can't perform he should step down.

You don't run agreeing to work if you win only with others you like as well

Schumer thinks it's Romper Room. He thinks he can just take his ball and jacks and go home. Do nothing instead of play the game he signed up to play? He's not mature enough to be in office after all these years. Just a spoiled pompous azz.

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You-all got cell phones, right?

And YOU'RE the ones who know!

If everyone just ditched their cell phones and used computer at home, what would they do?

Now we have generations that cannot walk down the street without directions.

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We are so screwed by most important states. Border in AZ and energy in AK.

I see comments that Trump should pick Sarah for VP.

She ran with a traitor for that slot and didn't help him! She has lost every election since she was gov. I like her, but she won't help the ticket.

I'd rather see someone like Rick Grinnell.

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US military will not resolve election fraud.

Sad, but the military will not be stepping in in. We would have seen Joe hauled out by NOW, for treason.

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That would be Dr Andrew Moulden above

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Dr. Andrew Moulden. Studied 25 yrs exclusively the effects of of vaccine on the BBB rain. Autism etc. I heard him speak. He has since past away.

He gave up everything to continue to speak and study. He turned down Canada's equivalent of our AMA to be the leader. He had to drop his vaccine studies.

He said no and lost his job, wife etc.

Here is one of his videos. Calls it Tolerance Lost


You can find more of his videos if you want more.

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Last five years? The Pentagon has been losing money by the trillions for decades now. Remember Rummy!

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Mike coming to Twatter with all those election receipts??

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Yes, family asked me "Don't you listen to the CDC??? They live in Chicago...have money and great educations...high functioning. Kids and grandkids now jabbed.

Other family members cry for them. They will never bring our new family members to meet us, the unvaccinated. Awful.

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How horrible humanity has become. This man thinks this is his best option he knows no one in the world cares about him or will help him. I can't stand this.

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Well what kind of sexual event is it?

And why is this necessary in school for our children?

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