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PS with family who I don't see often, I can and do pretend. This schitt is by zip code.

My family residing in LA Chicago and Philly are covid brainwashed. We stick to ourselves and based others.

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My friend keeps coming to his second home. He says he cannot be around those people. He just can't. Now he lives with his based wife. She likes to stay and work in the main house. So he comes alone. There's no way you'd last in the house or a relationship with somebody you're hiding what you think and believe.

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I've never been so disgusted with the United States in my life.

🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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There's that apple theory I do not ignore.

All biology. Rats make rats.

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It's 2.0% not 1.99.

Another problem is Sweden has tried to get into NATO for many years finally got in and said now we're in we're not sending any soldiers just money. Fubkoxefgffhx+!

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Biden did not win the Michigan primary.

CNN even showed the truth. Joe got 22%. Not committed got 35%.... Not committed won!

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Arnuld was governor of California the fifth largest economy in the world of course it now belongs to China.

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Anything can be bad in overabundance intake should be in moderation

I have a friend who ate steak like people eat candy. Candy eaters become diabetic when they eat too much my friend got frontal temporal dementia from way too much red meat and all the protein is laying on his brain.

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Actually the only finding for extensive diet of red meat is dementia. Eventually if you lived into your senior years.

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All of the destruction so far in the US has been distinctly by design.

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Oh do stop. It will be Taylor knows exactly what she's doing!

She will tell you so right here. Watch what happens when she hears the word God. Just 30 sec

Taylor continuing to shill for her masters.


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This is propaganda and his opinion during a time people cannot form their own opinion. This guy is more dangerous than Trump could ever be!

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