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Newscum will have his chance too.

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This is a person who has never had a medical bill for anything in their entire life. Not even a copay. NEVER SEEN A BILL!

Elon did not make changes as HE saw fit.

He took our largest platform for speech and reinstated everyone who was kicked up unconstitutionally. He helped the United States with its first amendment.

There's nothing wrong with pointing that out.

Changes as Elon saw fit???

He's definitely parroting similar media narratives.

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RFK Jr. says Trump picked J.D. Vance as a 'salute to the CIA'

While an agent is running his campaign and married to his son. Okay.

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If they're dumb enough to support Nikki Haley they're dumb enough to join the Democrats

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Kamala IS eligible. She was born here. We went through this with no name being born on a military base overseas.

She's not going to be the candidate anyway.

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He's been propped up by the very azzholes taking over our broadcast airwaves with their shit show.

Let us give a real goodbye and Bud Lite him.

Just focus on their next move. It's not going to be Kamala. This is the softening now for the public to move away from Joe but stay close keeping with his VP...baby steps to a completely different ticket.

Anger their voters in the least way possible.

Trump has stated in his first ad, FIRST STATEMENT


Make it trend.

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Of course he should, and she better do it. But now they'll say not till after the convention in case delegates change their mind. Who knows he could have to debate somebody else after her?

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This is exactly the reason he's dropping out. Remember he didn't want to and only was told he had a cold or covid.

Just because you are losing you are not allowed to do this. They are just not using the words at this time.

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I would think if he is not on the ballot and no States that would be more reason to stay home if you are angry at the process being hijacked once again.

They did this in 2016 and 2020 with Bernie Sanders. The Democratic progressives are angry about that.

They had to cheat with Joe in 2020. But the Democratic establishment wanted Joe and not Bernie or Liz to continue their grifting. Liz made a deal to stay in in 2020. She's an establishment problem herself.

The women who liked her would not tell her to get out and they were warned they would end up with Joe Biden as a nominee by Bernie and her splitting the vote. Liz did what she was told and stayed in the race through super Tuesday after coming in 4th in her own state.

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Perhaps, but RFK is not running on the dem party ticket and will not be nominated at the convention. He did not stick around for that fight with them and is running independent.

They will never nominate him like they would not Bernie Sanders either.

So out of anger dem voters will cast a vote a different way and that will be for RFK. They will relate after getting fucked over. And then there are those who will just stay home.

They will not get every Joe Biden voter so that vote begins to become split, smaller.

All while we swamp the vote!

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Didn't come out as family owned slaves in Jamaica? I remember she lied and said they had a pot plantation.

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