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Sometimes it’s the fear of what our grandchildren will have to go through. It’s the not knowing that someone will be held accountable. Faith in the plan gets challenged from time to time

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@TheGr8PunKin all puns intended TheGr8🎃

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The original video I saw a couple years ago about the scientist that discovered Gods name in our dna was a jaw dropped. No gematria

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Photo op? I just don’t trust someone that called themself yesus sorry I jus cannot

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A cloud. Think about a rocket and the cloud it leaves behind. So supernaturally christ ascended and it was such a mighty force that it left a cloud. When reading scripture you have to realize that they were trying to explain things in their time with their knowledge. We are different. We know more and therefore a lot of what they said back then makes no sense to us today. Christ ascended as in he was transformed in an instant and this was witnessed by many. He was transformed from flesh to spirit. From deminsion to deminsion. Most Christian’s have this wrong because they are following traditions that have been handed down. You have to take the totality of scripture and history into mind when pondering these things. The Bible is 100% true. Man has put their twist on it in order for personal gain. Take all commentary out and read scripture in the mindset of someone living in that time. Who what where when why and how. Always ask those questions. Be analytical. Heaven is ever present but we cannot see it as we were cursed in the garden. God put a blinder on us. Heaven is another word for deminsion. Gods ways and thoughts are so much higher than ours but he is the creator and we should put that #1 in our mind and heart. Just as we would with a living mother and father. We know nothing other than what they teach us. Yet we yearn to go outside and see what else there is.

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Nothing new under the sun. All things were made by him and for him. Do not fear. If you are sealed with the mark of YHWH you will be fine. Your flesh is temporary. Make no quick decisions. Pray about everything. God has you in the palm of his hands and he can supernaturally heal anything he pleases. He is the creator of those who create. He created Satan. I am done with looking at the world through the lense of my flesh. Spirit is all I have that I can depend on. YHWH have your will be done and thank you for allowing me to live in this time to experience all of this for myself. I cannot wait to be awakened into a greater consciousness. In the blink of an eye I shall be transformed. I shall shed corruptible and put on incorruptible. Praise God and his son who he sent to redeem me. Yeshua, Joshua, The living Christ!

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I miss truly free speech. Where you could hurt someone’s feelings and everyone was like, “get over it!” “It’s called free speech ya pansy!” But no not anymore. The regulators must regulate what you are aloud to share and say. Makes me sick!

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Kinda weired he dosnt just delete these bot accounts.

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They gonna get beat by my Chiefs today, but I wish more would be brave and speak up like this. He’s a class act!

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Is Elon prepping a presidential antichrist rise to power? Something just does not sit right with my spirit!

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Yes the one pope is catholic. The question is, is Catholicism really Christianity!

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