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Bigger than my wife’s cock, which is pretty damn big.

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Pretty surreal watching redditors acknowledge elite influence on global news and college textbooks.

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The cabal railroading Flynn destroyed him financially I’m sure. It’s certainly possible he grifted the community to save his family through donations, speaking engagements, etc. I have no evidence either way.

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My wife served me 10 days of “darkness” with her big black cock last year. I haven’t shit right since.

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I personally prefer that my wife shave her balls but I’d lick them regardless.

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Love it. Nobody gets the benefit of the doubt. They have to earn it.

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I doubt it. You might be right of course. But they’d let abortion die if this were the goal given the large number of minorities that abort babies. Regardless, the end goals of the vax are undoubtedly nefarious. Without the Q movement, acceptance would have been a lot higher. Just saying...

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Solid points. No disagreement with any of it.

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The Q thing woke up millions though. Remember when conservatives thought bush was our friend? Would never happen in current state. So why run a psy op that alerts people to what’s really going down? I’m not sure that change would be possible without the Q stuff.

Covid proved how easy it is pacify the masses who don’t pay attention. No Q and we probably all rally together to fight covid ala post 9/11 and allow some shit like the patriot act to be passed by controlled opposition. “We’re all in this together.”

There is absolutely no good reason for someone with nefarious intentions to run a Q like psy op. Just leave them asleep. The argument that Q pacified the masses is dumb. Anybody with anything to lose will remain pacified regardless till they have nothing left to lose.

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And no, the vax won’t kill billions. Not saying it isn’t dangerous or doesn’t have negative long term effects. That much is clear. But even among white hats, risk assessment is made and it sometimes cost lives in favor of a worse alternative. Worst case, Trump is a bad guy and stupidly woke everyone up with the Q “psy-op”. Bad but not worst case, potus picks this route over years of lockdowns and gets plausible deniability and seizes assets from big pharma after corruption revealed. Best case, military saves us and devolution is a thing.

Point is, we win. Globohomo is only continuing this charade for future research purposes as they always play the long game. We win either way

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Yeah... leftists won’t give a shit. It’s home team no matter what for them. They think this bullshit is justified to get orange man. And normies are too busy watching Netflix and sports ball.

Not dooming either... just know that they will have to hit rock bottom (precipice) before finding the will to change. To us it seems like we’re well past that point. My wife has a penis. For them, it will have to hit their pocket books worse than now to even start waking up. I’m not discouraged by this either. Hard times will make the current generation of kids far better adults. We’ll win in the end.

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They conveniently left out the emails talking about cheese pizza and walnut sauce. You know it’s there.

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The awakening or awareness process kind of sucks if you guys recall. Especially if you do in fact have a soul as many normies do. The far lefties though.... it’s like having your whole identity stripped away. Painful.

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Whether he runs for office, starts his own company, etc., he will have OVERWHELMING support. Jury better not cuck.

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