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I miss the Shitpost flair.

It's historical. It has nuance. It has cultural significance. It tells it like it is.

To me, "kekpost" simply means .... er.... "funny". As in kek. As in lol. As in haha.

Yes, to lol is human, to kek, divine. But it's still kinda just means funny, don't it?

But "shitpost", that's a whole nuther thing. Shitpost is a hat tip towards anarchy, chaos, as a disrupter of systems, which is what we anons do (are doing). Not true anarchy, obviously, but a slam on the brakes that says:

Hey! Snap out of it! Expand your thinking and step out of the programming!

And DJT is the greatest shitposter, is he not? To troll is human, to shitpost, divine.

Shitpost is the larrikin, the maverick. Shitpost is anons doing what anons do as they release the stress and pressure of dealing with the underbelly of Craptown, World Capital.

Shitpost is a paradox and a tautology. Can shit be a post? Can a post be shit?

Both the raison d'etre for our board in the first place (post) and yet, the antithesis of why we are here (shit). It's what we all are in the end (wormfeed), but also our saving grace (we can think, feel, share, contribute).

Shit post, posting shit.

Shitposts are often kekolicious, but just as often, that is not all they are.

And who doesn't feel a whole lot better after they have a really satisfying...

I'm going to go all Elon (sans billions) here:

Reinstate Shitpost Flair?

Vox pepe, Vox dei!