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Good military buddy of mine called me tonight. His life has abruptly taken a bad turn and is causing him to decline rapidly. He urgently needs help. He lives in Kentucky

I'm thinking vax. Looking for advice on any medication you may have heard of and/or advice on what we can do to get VA off their asses.

Docs are all mostly blaming it as mental due to him being a diagnosed bipolar for 20+ years. And it is true, he would have some spells in the past and obese over stuff.

Two months ago he developed a constant twitch in his thumb. That rapidly turned into a leg twitch that is at its worst when trying to sleep and keeping him awake.

Docs prescribed cocktails of sleep agents but leg still kept him up which turned into a massive mental episode and close brush with suicide.

Twitch is now in his mouth as well. Filmed himself sleeping and his arms are locking up and tongue randomly sticking out of mouth and back in.

His speech Is slurring now. He's forgetting simple tasks. He's been out/put on medical at work because he's messing up on most basic stuff. He's making big changes in his life because he is freaking out (selling house, changing wedding plans, etc)

VA dicking him around. He's begging for an MRI and a lead Doc who can lead him through tests to find out what's going on.

He's scarred to death.