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Did they give you guys back pay? I hope so.

Do you have a link to the court ruling? Thanks.

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Any chance you could delete this porn(ish) content? Worth asking.

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Summary of Matt Gaetz's speech tonight.

He praised Josh Hawley. Said with 100 Hawleys, we would fix the country in 3 weeks.

Military should protect us, not push pronouns.

Restore rank and backpay for all the 8600 military who wouldn't take the jab.

Recalled memories when he ran for state rep, identifying with these local candidates. (That was nice.) He mentioned how one time he knocked on the door of a house where they were having a bachelorette party, and they thought he was their entertainment. Haha.

Named the weakness in White House, like when Obama was appeasing Iran by unloading 100 billion dollars for them to use around the world in terrorism.

Gaetz said he was with Trump when Trump removed the cash deal with Iran.

Reminded us how Trump dropped 68 misses on the airbases of Syria (who bombed citizens with gases.) He said even dictators were on their best behavior when Trump was president. (Side note: many of us anons thought the "Animal Asaad" ruse was an excuse to bomb some nuke bases back then.)

Gaetz said our greatest obligation is to our brothers and sisters and fellow Americans. America First. No apologies. Secure our border first.

He said we could still be sympathetic, but that our obligation is here, with doing what is right for America. He said that what works is to:

  1. help other countries right where they are,
  2. restart the "Stay in Mexico Policy",
  3. and deport illegal aliens.

Fentanol deaths are from poisoning, not from overdosing.

Human suffering from poisoning and from human trafficking, as well as crime and expense, will diminish when we secure our borders.

He says, "Shut down the border or shut down government!"

We have a duty to our federal budget. We are borrowing one trillion every 30 days... headed towards 50,000 trillion national debt.

Citizens are bearing the burden of this debt as they struggle to pay high interest on loans. 65% of Americans are living payday to payday and relying on credit cards.

These thousand-page bills are a big problem... We need single-subject bills.

Make these fundamental changes, or see our government system fail.

Lobbyists don't want their issues made known... they just want them passed without attention.

There are special interests on both sides. Gaetz says he works for us, not them, and refuses their donations.

He said donation money buys access and outcomes... outcomes that put us citizens last.

He calls for term limits and balanced budgets. Members of Congress should have a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists, foreign agents, or investors in the stock market.

He is hoping the rinos will stiffen when Trump comes back... and fight for us.

Dems do not want America to succeed. They think the world would be better off and more equitable if America diminished.

Abolish department of education.

He expressed his disappointment regarding the FISA vote, saying it was meant for foreign threats, but now it is used against Americans. The FBI got caught 287,000 times for fraudulent use of FISA (38 times an hour) doing things like searching for info on neighbors and exes.

Believes we should legislate constraints on the government spying programs, requiring warrants to spy.

The FISA vote was 212 to 212. Our Missouri rep voted for Fisa. Boo!

Gaetz said his is criticized for making Congress miserable.. but that misery is nothing compared to how citizens feel.

His grandfather was a mayor in ND. When out campaigning, his dad would ask his grandfather, "What are we going to get? The answer was, "Hope."

He joked that he always gets sent to cold states to campaign for Trump.

His advice to us was to utilize leverage effectively. Exhaust our enemies. Be a bright, shining example of hope. Exhibit true care and honesty.

He said to bring all the people you know, including your exes, to vote.

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Listening to a local minister listing the help they have given the community. He said they provide 1,000 pounds of food per week.

Next up is Doug Billings.

Heard many campaign speeches. My favorites were a go-getter prosecutor candidate and, also, a 24-yo candidate for SOS named Valentina Garcia. She is something!

Matt Gaetz is sitting not far in front of me. He should speak soon. Wish I could speak to him.

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Campaign speeches and auctioning off signed hats and various services so far...and a great dinner.

I am surprised Matt Gaetz is sitting through this whole event.

Can't wait to hear his speech.

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So far, just many campaign speeches. Our atty general in MO was listing MO successes. He said we passed legislation to protect kids from mutilating surgerirs. He also said we passed legislation to force the border wall to be finished. I have to look up that court ruling. I just found the plaintiff's request, but can't find the ruling, yet. 7:21-cv-00420.

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Good thought! I wish I could chat with him. I see the back of his head right now. He will probably speak soon. He is patiently listening to many, many speeches by local politicians.

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I love that! I wish I could go talk to him. I see the back of his head right now...and waiting for his speech.

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Gov Ashcroft spoke...the atty general...on down to local prosecutors.

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I so agree with you!!

So far, we have heard about 30 three-minute campaign speeches.... and had good food.

A 24-yo Hispanic fireball named Valentina Gomez spoke. Wow! She is a fighter. I bet Matt Gaetz liked her speech.

I am surprised Matt Gaetz is sitting through all these campaign speeches. Admirable.

Thank you for your service.

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Especially this part.... My colleagues and I are building a new free-speech movement. All of the organizations we used to rely upon to defend human rights, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and ACLU, have been taken over by totalitarians demanding censorship. We are gathering in London in June. We are starting our own free-speech NGOs around the world.

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For those who can't access twitter...

Just a day and a half ago, it seemed like things were calming in Brazil. The Folha de São Paulo, the New York Times of Brazil, editorialized against censorship. The head of the Brazilian Bar Association gave a strong statement in support of freedom of expression. And the President of Brazil’s Supreme Court said the conflict between Brazil and X, formerly known as Twitter, was over. “People talk a big game but don’t act on their words,” he said

All of that has once again changed. Yesterday, Brazil’s President Lula called for criminalizing lying. Given that everybody lies, Lula is proposing to give the government the power to arrest anyone he wants. Thousands of Workers Party activists took to X yesterday to demand that I be arrested for things I said during my testimony before the Brazilian Senate. And today, the head of X in Brazil announced they have quit out fear for their safety.

I am not afraid for myself. As I said on X a few days ago, I fear neither the devil nor de Moraes, the Supreme Court justice rapidly turning himself into Brazil’s dictator. I am taking all necessary precautions to ensure that I can leave Brazil safely and without being arrested. You can help by sharing this video and spreading the word about what is happening here.

And yet, what is happening in Brazil terrifies me nonetheless. I love this country and its people and fear that it is on the cusp of totalitarianism. A significant share of the Left wants to incarcerate their political enemies. Respected Brazilian journalists say with a straight face that the government must engage in mass censorship in order to protect democracy. Brazil is everything that George Orwell feared and worse. The Brazilian government appears to view “1984” not as a dystopia to avoid but rather as a guide to a better future.

I would be less worried if Brazil were small and irrelevant, but it’s not. Brazil is the largest and most important nation in Latin America. Just this week, top Brazilian government representatives were in China talking about how China, one of the most totalitarian nations in the world, is a model for Brazil. Brazil is an inspiration for European totalitarians who have weaponized government intelligence agencies to spread disinformation about their political enemies and are implementing a censorship system to control the entire Internet.

The most terrifying part of all of this is the marriage of psychopathic government leaders like Lula and de Moraes with totalitarian activists and voters. Governments have successfully brainwashed a significant percentage of the population into supporting mass censorship. Young adults raised on social media are today more intolerant than the students in China’s Cultural Revolution in China who denounced their teachers and sent them off to work camps to be tortured.

At the same time, people with a mentality no different from the people who ran the Stasi and the Gestapo are in charge of intelligence agencies in Europe and the United States.

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives renewed legislation that gives the US government the right to spy on Americans suspected of collaborating with foreign governments. The result will be McCarthyism on steroids. The FBI will be able to spy on any American citizen who dares to criticize the war in Ukraine. The US government will label people who oppose endless wars in Eurasia as “political extremists,” ruining their careers, or worse.

During the rise of Communism and fascism in Europe, many Jews and other persecuted people could flee to the United States. Where will we flee if the United States continues down the road to totalitarianism? Not Europe. Not Brazil. Is any country safe in a world where every movement, transaction, and thought is being monitored?

I keep waiting for the downward spiral to hit bottom, and it never does. I am naturally optimistic, but sometimes, that means I have tended toward wishful thinking. Such wishful thinking is dangerous and irresponsible in moments like this one. So, too, is passivity.

We must act. That starts with standing up to the bullies, all of whom are cowards on the inside. Elon Musk stood up to the bully de Moraes last week and appears to be holding strong. Tonight, he will hold a Spaces with the controversial former president of Brazil, whom the Supreme Court has prevented from running for office again for another eight years.

My colleagues and I are building a new free-speech movement. All of the organizations we used to rely upon to defend human rights, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and ACLU, have been taken over by totalitarians demanding censorship. We are gathering in London in June. We are starting our own free-speech NGOs around the world.

We can’t do this alone. Please share this post, consider subscribing to my publication, Public, and make a donation. People are risking their lives to defend free speech for all human beings. You don’t need to risk yours, but we desperately need your help. Things won’t calm down until we stand up to the tyrants and remove every one of them from power.

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Just like we are building parallel medical, educational, and media systems, out of necessity, we will have to build NGOs to support the enforcement of our existing laws and freedoms, too.

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